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  • Discrimination In White People

    the beginning, certain people feel like they are more deserving / have more power over others. In particular, white people have been seen as most guilty for this. Although African Americans have come a long way from being slaves, they still face discrimination every day. White people often believe that they are not being racist when in fact they are. It is the ways that white people are unaware of being racist and the use “white talk” and micro aggressions as well as being “colorblind” that leads to racism. The concept of white talk can sometimes be difficult to understand. White talk covers white people from examining / acknowledging their individual and collective roles in the growth of racism. It is when white people do not criticize or think its wrong when other white people are being racist but instead make excuses or explain their racist actions. For example, white people will turn to statistics…

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  • Stuff White People Analysis

    Stuff White People like is a blog made in January 2008 by a white Canadian; Christian Lander, a Los Angeles marketing specialist who experienced childhood in Toronto and who accredited from McGill University in Montreal. Lander’s web journal got famous rapidly, enrolling more than 300,000 day by day hits and more than 40 million aggregate hits before the end of September 200.1 For many who viewed the blog experienced it as insulting and bigot. Instead it is not about the interest of every white…

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  • Analysis Of Dear White People

    Dear White People (2014) is a movie based on a fictional Ivy League college called Winchester. The school is predominantly white, which leads to several culture clashes that result in a “Release Your Inner Negro” party held by one of the most prestigious houses at the school. The movie explores racial identities of the diverse black cast in order to create a social commentary on issues that students still face today. The main student we follow is Sam White, a biracial film and media student who…

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  • Dear White People Themes

    Dear White People is a 2014 American comedy-drama movie. The plot of the movie revolves around the issue of racism in American society in general and at the Winchester University in particular. It can be regarded as a good movie if someone has to pass his or her time, but the movie surely lacks in various technical and artistic aspects, if seen with a critical point of view. Central theme of the movie is related to conflict between two races, the white and the black, in Winchester University and…

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  • Angry White Voters In Medieval People

    Are angry white voters today any different than England medieval peasants? The peasants in England during the medieval period aren’t so different than todays’ angry white voters. “Angry white voters” can be better known as the Trump’s supporters. Donald Trump is running for president and he is getting the majority of his support from the angry white voters. The people who fit that category are less educated, working lower class white males. The medieval peasants are being compared to the angry…

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  • Race: The Power Of An Illusion And White People

    every presidential debate and they are also subjects that are constantly used when writing news articles. Before reading “Define Racism” I believed that racism was using preconceived notions about a group of people to make determinations about an individual who you believed was part of that particular race. Race, to me, was how people either classified themselves or how society classifies someone. Most of the changes in my views about race and racism came from watching Race: The Power of an…

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  • The Lives Of Poor White People Analysis

    Joshua Rothman, The New Yorkers archive editor, who typically writes about books and ideas, discusses the novel, Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, written by J.D. Vance, in the article, “The Lives of Poor White People,” to articulate his political views on poverty. Rothman aims to draw in an audience interested in politics, as well as the less-often discussed white poor people, in order to persuade the audience to agree with his political views. His views are focused…

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  • Dear White People Character Analysis

    Dear White People: Lionel’s Identity Leah N. Stone Southeastern Louisiana University Dear White People: Lionel’s Identity In Dear White People, the racial controversy of a prestige Ivy League college, Winchester University, was highlighted. Samantha White has a radio show called “Dear White People” sparks conflict within the university because she discusses the existence of racism and microaggression. The university is clearly divided because there is housing specifically for the Black…

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  • The Importance Of White People In South Africa

    That is clear fact. However, in what forms will people lament? Shosana talked about the death of the whites, or preservation of which white people possess. To me this is an interesting comment because coming from a white person’s standpoint it sounds like Shosana is blaming white people and I know some of my classmates were upset by this comment. Is it justifiable to be blames for something my ancestors did a long time ago? Or, I personally have no connect to the colonial powers that colonized…

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  • Racism In Sam's Dear White People

    Samantha White is portrayed as a multiracial, heterosexual female. Sam is the creator of the Dear White People radio show that she uses to call out various forms of racism and express her disgust of racial stereotypes. Although she is multiracial, Sam only refers to herself as being black while completely ignoring her white heritage. She openly expresses her blackness but is occasionally accused of overcompensating by her black friends because of this. One example of this is when Sam’s friend…

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