Stuff White People Analysis

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Stuff White People like is a blog made in January 2008 by a white Canadian; Christian Lander, a Los Angeles marketing specialist who experienced childhood in Toronto and who accredited from McGill University in Montreal. Lander’s web journal got famous rapidly, enrolling more than 300,000 day by day hits and more than 40 million aggregate hits before the end of September 200.1 For many who viewed the blog experienced it as insulting and bigot. Instead it is not about the interest of every white person, but instead a pattern of upper class consisting of corporate white North American who normally hold a degree in liberal arts.2 As we have learned in this course Lander is more of a humorist rather than an anthropologist, he jokes about the other subcultures of white people more like the wrong type of white individuals including black, Hispanic etc., who try fitting in into the main culture. In this essay I will explain how …show more content…
An example is from one of the comments on the blog “I’m a black women who took the checklist after reading the book, and found I had a lot in common with other white people10” this comment is by a black person who talks about how a couple of her habits she does in her life that have connected her to white people meaning a different culture other than her own returning to the idea we learned in lecture two anthropological perspective refers to “seeing on self in the other and other in self11”. She also adds that barriers and racism have faded away due these certain common habits. A very good point is from lecture two “social group’s way of life is an element of the culture of the group; culture is a “complex culture12” the mainstream culture would have never been created without sub

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