White-collar crime

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  • White Collar Crime Perception

    Perception When it comes to white-collar crimes, perception is not just everything, it’s the only thing that prevails. As long as we continue to associate white-collar crime with the images of guys in suits, we will continue to treat these individuals with respect rather than fear. Our criminal justice system does not seem to place much emphasis on what may be considered as non-violent victimless criminal activity. The truth of the matter is that these offenses are considered more as bad judgment calls on the part of the victim, by the victims as well as the public. This type of perception can lead to self-blame for one’s losses and can be a great influence on how the offense is treated by law enforcement. Compared to traditional…

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  • White Collar Crime Analysis

    White-collar crime refers to any criminal act committed at his or her place of employment. The term “white-collar crime” was forged by Edwin Sutherland (Green, 1993). Many think only disadvantaged individuals take part in criminal acts, but those with high social status also participate in criminal mischief. There is also a stigma associated with gender roles related to white-collar crimes. It is alleged that women commit less white-collar crime than men (Gottschalk & Glaso, 2013). There are…

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  • Definition Of White Collar Crime

    The FBI states, in regards to white-collar crime as, “These crimes are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and are not dependent on the application or threat of physical force or violence. The motivation behind these crimes is financial—to obtain or avoid losing money, property, or services or to secure a personal or business advantage.” This definition is more like today’s definition of white-collar crime. However, in our book, Sutherland coined the phrase for…

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  • Madoff: The Cause Of White Collar Crime

    The term white collar came about from Edwin Sutherland and has risen in notoriety recently. White collar crime has been more spotlighted in the last decade due to the magnitude of money that was stolen from countless innocent people. When the general public thinks about white collar crimes like Ponzi schemes, most of them bring up Bernie Madoff. Madoff was able to steal $50 billion from a myriad of individuals. Madoff is not the only criminal who preys on people and their trust. Allen…

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  • White Collar Crime

    essay, I will be discussing the question of what is the relationship between the phycology of crime and social classes. Blackburn 1993 defines crime as "acts attracting legal punishment, they are offences against the community”, so essentially any person can commit a crime. When looking at the theory of Marxism Karl Marx says that in society with have “bourgeoisie and proletariat” a higher class and a lower class so what is the relationship between social classes and crime and if there is any…

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  • White-Collar Crime

    term “ White -Collar Crime, “ carries many definitions that have changed throughout the decades in the United States. These definitions change with perception, participation, and the addition of actions to the term. White-collar crime carries a general perception of offenders, who are generally professional individuals since they have the knowledge required to execute these complex crimes. Examples of these crimes include fraud, price fixing, money laundering, and embezzlement . Although some…

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  • White Collar And Corporate Crime

    Essay Outline White-collar crimes, although not discussed very often, are on rise. When one hears the word crime, they are inclined to think violence or an unethical abuse of some sort. However, people rarely take corporate crimes such as fraud, theft, forgery, or embezzlement into a higher regard, as they do not highly affect the common citizen personally. Studying these executive crimes is important to raise awareness of deceit within society, and to protect and prevent unethical practices…

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  • Similarities Between White Collar Crime And White Collar Crime

    White Collar Crime is defined as a non violent crime which is committed by respectable individuals in the society. In general, an individual working in government associations such as banks or private sectors such as software companies carries out this type of crime. This is mostly committed by a person having high social status, such as doctors, engineers, and attorneys mainly for financial gain. Some of the White collar crimes include embezzlement, bribery, forgery, tax fraud, and…

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  • Patterns Of White Collar Crime And Organized Crime

    (Schmallenger, 2015, p. 242-243). Patterns of homicide are made more complicated by the differing definitions of various types of murder between jurisdictions. Some categorize homicide based on premeditation or malice aforethought, crimes of passion, or accident. The various degrees of murder; first-degree (premeditated), second degree (crime of passion), and negligent homicide make pattern explanation more difficult. Also, the creation of another category, felony murder (when the death of…

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  • White Collar Crimes

    Embezzlement and the Effects on Victims and Society For many years there have been thousands and thousands of individuals that have fallen victim to violent crimes. However, individuals are not always victim of violent crimes such as robberies, rapes, or kidnappings. In fact, individuals can become a victim of a non-violent crimes which many know as white-collar crimes. White-collar crimes was reportedly coined back in the year 1939 and is now used a wide range of frauds which are committed by…

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