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  • The Similarities And Differences To Wifi And Wi-Fi

    Comparison between Li-Fi and Wi-Fi This section is mainly dedicated for comparing Li-Fi and Wi-Fi considering various aspects. LI-FI is a visible light technology to achieve high speed wireless communication by using visible light to transfer data. It acquired this name due to its similarity to WI-FI which utilizes radio waves for transfer of data. WI-FI is great for extensive wireless coverage in buildings but has severe limitations for high density wireless information coverage in limited space and has radio waves interference issues; While Li-Fi greatly overcomes such restrictions. These two technologies can be well thought-out as harmonizing to each other in numerous ways and Li-Fi has advantages over usual Wi-Fi.…

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  • Wi-Fi Has An Important Role In Wireless Networks

    1. Introduction Today, Wi-Fi plays an important role with connecting users to the digital world. While it remains as the most popular technology for networking, it is crucial to understand the limit of certain wireless protocols and how it works in different situations. The most recent Wi-Fi protocol that this report will focus on is, 802.11ac, also known to be the next generation for wireless networks to be equipped with new technologies that could provide faster speeds, capacity, and range.…

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  • Summary: Should Cities Have City-Wide Wi-Fi

    Evaluating the Feasibility: Should Cities Have City-Wide Wi-Fi Many cities around the world have considered implementing a form of public city-wide free Wi-Fi, whether it is in the better interest of the city is another topic. Implementing a city-wide Wi-Fi network is a logistics nightmare, the amount of planning and men required to do such a task is impressive. If done properly, this task is an impressive feat. Some cities have managed to accomplish it, and along with the wonder and awe of…

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  • Free Wi-Fi In New York City-Market Analysis

    This paper describes about the notion of Free Wi-Fi in New York City, which is called LinkNYC and elaborates the system in terms of its network configuration. The network diagram will be provided to illustrate the overall system. Moreover, identifying the cost associates in this project. Most important, expounding how this system could affect towards marketing for smartphone users. Introduction The appearance of the Internet and fast development of the computer play an important role in…

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  • Wi Sensor Network Case Study

    CHAPTER 1 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK (WSN): Wi-Fi sensor networks (WSN), once in a while called wireless tool and actuator networks (WSAN), are spatially disbursed autonomous sensors to monitor bodily or environmental situations, which include temperature, sound, pressure, and so forth. and to cooperatively pass their expertise through the network to a major location. The extra brand new networks are bi-directional, additionally sanctioning control of device activity. The…

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  • Hospitality Industry Analysis

    Nowadays, people are searching for speed and precision in service for example, fast booking, fast check-in, fast WI-FI, and fast response to customer service needs will need to be implemented with hospitality industries. If any hospitality industries failed to implement, these millennial have no problem speaking up and turn to any social media to voice their complaints that in turns will bring bad reputation to the industries. According to Hospitalitynet. (2015, July 21), based on the article…

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  • Ethernet Frame Essay

    communications. Give a brief overview of structure of an Ethernet frame. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the most commonly used technologies to set up Local Area Networks today. It operates by using Carrier Sense Multiple Access Detection (CSMA/CD) to control media access. (Study CCNA, 2016) The structure of an Ethernet Frame is as follows: The Ethernet Frame Structure (Anon., 2013) Explanation: • Preamble: This field is responsible for harmonizing bits between the sending and receiving system. It…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Bayou High School

    particular books were online. My Spanish book was an online book. After three weeks of not being able to get on the internet, the teacher became frustrated. We started relying on three or four people’s computers who somehow got connected to the horrendous wireless internet. Slowly but surely no one could connect to the internet. It would take me 30 minutes to get my computer to flip to the next page. Today, we do not use our Spanish book. We rely on notes from the teacher’s head. Thanks to Bayou…

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  • The Influence Of Wi-Fi On College Campuses

    may not think about the issue of the quality of Wi-Fi speeds around campus, but as a concurrent enrollment student at Arapahoe Community College I have experienced how slow the Wi-Fi can affect my ability to work. In one of my classes the Wi-Fi was so slow that I couldn’t complete the task that was assigned to me, essentially wasting an entire class. I propose that the recent grant that ACC received goes towards improving Wi-Fi…

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  • Social Network Vs. MANET

    VANET leverages different types of wireless technologies (such as Wi-Fi, 802.11p, WiMAX, 3G among others), that had been extensively studied. These wireless technologies are an important component of Intelligent Transportation Systems. 6. Social network as big data Social network is the collection huge datasets which comes from distinct sources. The speedy development of the big data on social network lead to a revolutionary change in user’s life and on the world-wide business. Security is also…

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