Wide area network

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  • Bluetooth Network Technology Definition

    Network hardware is the physical equipment that is required to allow devices to transmit data to another device. The devices have the ability to transfer over many types of media, but there are only two basic types of transmission. We first have the broadcast transmission which transfers the same messages to multiple recipients. Then there is point-to-point links that establishes a connection between two individual 's devices for data transmission. Networks rely on these two types of transmission for everyday networking. A personal area network is to "communicate between two or more devices. PAN networks can be used between devices owned by two different parties, or between two devices owned by one person" (Eric Cole). An example of this would be a keyboard paired to a computer. The most common form of a personal area network is Bluetooth Bluetooth is a technology that has greatly increased are mobility when using devices that are in a close vicinity of each other. They have become the common form for wireless communication between mice, keyboards, headsets, medical devices, and other handheld devices. "Bluetooth is a method for data communication that uses short-range radio links to replace cables between computers and their connected units" (Gunasekaran, 90). A Bluetooth network can usually only support a few…

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  • 7 Threats To A Network Case Study

    Introduction This paper describes seven threats to a network belonging to a fictitious marketing company in Kansas City, Missouri. These threats are based on different IT infrastructure domains. The detail of these threats explains the possible outcomes and endeavors to point out “what is the worst that can happen” from that threat. Threats The first threat area is the user domain. The user domain consists of the actual users, or people, in the company, including subcontractors, vendors, and…

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  • Describe Wired LAN, Its Purpose, Basic Configuration, And Supported Standards.

    configuration, and supported standards. Specifically explain the VLAN concept and its use within the wired LAN infrastructure. What healthcare use can you envision for wired LAN? If unsure, search the literature for answers. A wired LAN connects computers within an organization in a network configuration and each PC on the LAN must connect to the network with a network interface card (NIC). The NIC needed varies by which cabling is used for the network (Cowley, 2012). NICs help to direct…

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  • Network : The Network Of A Wan Network

    Networking: To summarize the wired configuration, this network starts with the public internet that connects to a WAN (Wide Area Network); a good example of a WAN network is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) (Ocens, 2012). This WAN connection is T1 that connects to the T1 Demarcation Router in the computer room; this terminates the T1 line and provides an Ethernet Connection to the Main Router as well as a T1 connection to the WAN. The main router creates LAN connectivity and connects to the…

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  • Layers Of WBAN

    activation and deactivation of radio transceiver, data transmission and reception are the tasks that is done by the physical layer. There are different physical layers. The choice of physical layer depends on the applications. The different physical layers are: Narrow Band (NB), Human Body Communication (HBC) and Ultra Wide Band (UWB). NB physical layer is used for the activation or deactivation of the radio transceiver and data transmission and reception. The PSDU (Physical Layer Service Data…

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  • Classroom Environment Essay

    the students with different learning tools and stimuli in an area that does not feel overcrowded or cluttered. Children should be provided with an environment that is not over crowded with too many students and not enough resources- something that can be difficult in certain school systems. Overall the indoor environment for learning is one of the most important aspects of a child’s educational experience. The class observed in this paper was located in Elon Elementary School. It was a class for…

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  • Network Configuration Analysis

    The Key Concepts of Network Configuration Network configuration starts with a device such as a computer, each device requires the assignment a unique number to identify it on the network, known as an IP address which stands for Internet Protocol Address. Every device requires an IP address from a cell phone to a fax machine. This number gives your device the ability to communicate with other devices and available networks. Once the original device requires network access to another device,…

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  • My Infant Classroom Essay

    Also, space would be as free as possible to allow the traffic to flow between activities. For example, I create a cozy area where the children will be free the noise (Mayesky, 2015). Space requirements: My ideal infant classroom would be for 8 infants between ages between 6 weeks to 12 months. It would have a proximity of 500 sq. feet where each child should have a minimum of 35 square feet of usable indoor floor space and 30 sq. feet of sleeping space per child. I should have a minimum 2 feet…

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  • Comparing The Fresh And Hydrothermally Aged SCR Catalysts

    Table 3 shows the BET surface area of both the fresh and hydrothermally aged SCR catalysts. For fresh BEA zeolite and SCR catalysts, as the doping amount of catalytic additive increases, the BET surface area decreases, probably because the additive Cu, Ce, and Nb species blocked some of the zeolite channel, hindering the entry of N2 into the pores (Bin et al. 2014). After aging at 600 °C, all the samples showed 3-20 m2/g increased BET surface area. Aging condition of 600 °C is a relatively mild…

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  • Pallet Warehouse Case Study

    In the above warehouse layout given, 9% of the space is allocated to each of these areas. They have got the second priority in warehouse design. The reason behind allocating them 9% of the space is because the items are immediately moved from receiving staging to the storage room. The stage is used only for loading and unloading purposes. Same with the sortation and shipping stage. Items/products are sorted in the sortation area and moved to the storage room. The items are loaded directly into…

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