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  • The Pros And Cons Of Wildfire

    Several terminologies have been used worldwide to describe wildfire or forest fire (e.g. Hardy, 2005; Bento-Gonçalves et al., 2012; Eriksen and Prior, 2013; Mhawej et al., 2015). Generally in the United States, these definitions included prescribed fire - which is a controlled burn ignited by human under a controlled environment and on a limited spatial scale. However, in this chapter, we only focus on uncontrolled fire that occurs in the countryside or wildland. Studies such as Kumagai et al. (2004), Lentile et al. (2006), Shafran (2008), Prato and Fagre (2008) and Pausas et al. (2009) announce that the wildfire is an essential natural process. Others – e.g. Prestemon and Butry (2005), Amatulli et al. (2006), Romero-Calcerrada et al. (2008), Martínez et al. (2009), Lui et al. (2010), Hurst (2015) – acclaim it is a human-induced phenomenon influencing significantly terrestrial, aquatic,…

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  • Wildfires Research Paper

    Wildfires Wildfires are one of the top disasters out west of the United States. Wildfires are a event in which a fire is spread over a forest or brush. In some cases these can be tiny little fires, therefore; easy to put out. But when most people think of Wildfires they think of the giant fires out west, the fires that are on the news and can be burning for several days in a row. A fire that broke out in 2013 in the Arizona area was able to be seen on google maps satellite footage. These fires…

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  • How To Stop Wildfires Essay

    Stop Wildfires Before They Start. Wildfires have different names, such as forest fires, bushfires, and unplanned fires, which occur across the globe. Wildfires are an uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside area. Wildfires get pretty big in size and they can go at a very fast speed of fourteen miles per hour. Fire can change the speed and the direction at which it spreads out from its original source. It can be devastating because fire has the ability to…

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  • Christopherson's Article Summary: Forest Thinning And Forest Fires

    In his article, he addresses the common belief that logging can be destructive. “Although cutting forests is viewed by some as a harmful act, if done with care for the surrounding environment, it can improve the condition of the forest” (Christopherson 2). In other words, forest thinning is often misconstrued as damaging when it is actually quite productive. The article, Fire Ecology, agrees with Christopherson that we must continue logging, but acknowledges that we are destroying our forests by…

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  • Prescribed Fire Research Paper

    Prescribed Fire, needed or unneeded? Prescribed fire, the burning of dead or non-living trees, an important subject to people, however, it makes them wonder the perks and downsides of it, but the claim states, should prescribe fire be used, or not needed? Prescribed fire can be important to many people, as a result it can reduce chances of future fires. Prescribed fire can be excellent, for example, it can stop wildfires before they happen. They burn the dead trees which means they can’t catch…

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  • Ecology Of Fear Analysis

    city that many have nicknamed, L.A., rests within the southern region of the ‘Golden State’ of California. Los Angeles is most widely known for its mediterranean climate, ethnic diversity, sprawling metropolis, and for also housing a major center of the American entertainment industry. The worldwide popularity L.A. has received, stems from the city being the source of many publications, old and new, such as famous movies, television shows, documentaries, and in this case, a national bestselling…

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  • Rhetorical Techniques Used In Peter Peterson's Hot Pot Fire

    Forest system. They help to save endangered and threatened species, maintain forest infrastructure, prevent erosion, and, even, aid in the recovery of fire scarred areas. But for what? Why is the Forest Service taking from such departments? Well, Peterson found out that the Forest Service’s current budgeting model does not allocate enough resources to its fire suppression modules. This causes modules in hard hit areas to rely on the funds from other departments to make it through the season. The…

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  • Forest Fire Benefits

    In addition, forest fires can also be increasingly dangerous to humans as more and more forest areas are being encroached upon for residential and agricultural purposes. However, such policies often suppress natural wildfires as well and over time, can have adverse consequences. Firstly, suppression can result in overgrowth of forested areas with native and non-native species. This would also provide environmental conditions that would require plants to adapt and change their native…

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  • Forest Fire Research Paper

    with today’s fires is due to the intensity of which they burn (Dickman,16). Scientists at the Harvard school of Engineering and Applied Sciences, are predicting that by 2050, wildfire seasons will be three weeks longer and twice and smokey (Roberts,1). Severe storms and forest fires will increase due to gradual climate change in the coming years (Roberts,1). One study shows that lightning causes a quarter of forest fires where as humans are the cause for at least half of fires started…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Fire Safety

    lethal long-term effects on the environment. In a CBS news article about the long term effects wild fires can have on environments by Noaki Schwartz, a spokesperson for the California Coastal Commission, explains how some shrubs and bushes are destroyed before they can drop seeds and how exotic weeds and grasses will most likely cover the land before the native plants can grow back. The article says, “Invasive weeds and grasses could crowd out native plants and shrubs, accelerating erosion and…

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