How To Stop Wildfires Essay

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Stop Wildfires Before They Start.
Wildfires have different names, such as forest fires, bushfires, and unplanned fires, which occur across the globe. Wildfires are an uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside area. Wildfires get pretty big in size and they can go at a very fast speed of fourteen miles per hour. Fire can change the speed and the direction at which it spreads out from its original source. It can be devastating because fire has the ability to jump in gaps such as roads, rivers and fire breaks. They generally occur because of hot and dry climate. Wildfires are a worldwide problem, not just California or in the U.S. In the United States. Yearly, wildfires can burn three million up to ten million acres of land. Wildfires
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I will also mention The Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado.
1. $450 million in damage to personal property. (Palliser)
2. U.S. Forest Service spent $28 million on burned-area recovery work. (Palliser)
D. The cost of treating drinking water increases by about 20% for every loss of 10% of forest land in a watershed, as national forests and grasslands provide about 20% of the nation 's water supply. (Palliser)
E. Economic factor is very important because wildfires take billions.
IV. In this section of the paper I will discuss effects on forests.
A. If a fire recurs in an area within 5 to 10 years of a previous fire, hardy native shrubs may not get the chance to mature and create seeds. (Palliser)
3. Exotic weed-like grasses that germinate quickly can fill in areas faster than natives can recover. (Palliser)
4. Pine stands, a signature feature of many mountainside communities, may not recover. (Palliser)
5. Small birds, rabbits, and other animals (including endangered or threatened species) dependent on specific native vegetation will struggle to maintain a foothold, and may find themselves locked into limited areas (Schwartz 2009). (Palliser )
V. In this section I will discuss wildfire impact on

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