Ap Biology Chapter 5 Study Guide

4.0Chapter four Discussion:
4.1 Point Counts
By restraining the recording of species to a 10- 50m fixed radius when in dense forest at kamwala 1 forest, it allows the subtraction the certain bias, such as, the highly vocal forest species; White bellied Go Away bird and Tropical Bulbul, as well as those species which ‘generally’ occur above the canopy (for example; forest raptors).
The most widespread species to occur across all the count areas (map 1) were Common Bulbul, Orange ground thrush and JoyfulGreenbul as well Red bellied paradise flycatcher, but orange ground thrush havens highly distributed in kamwala forest reserve.Although this is ecologically indicative of Rüppell's Robin-Chat, a forest edge species, it is unusual for Dusky Flycatcher which is usually found throughout forest stratum where it occurs
4 .2Birds abundance and diversity
A total of orders
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Lovett and Pócs (1993) state that secondary heaths and near grassland follow the fire in dry Montana forest and now occupy large areas between 1600 to 2000m. Recently burn area was make birds species survive in poor habitat dominated by bracken invades and any natural regeneration was eroded the habitat …show more content…
Fire whether intentional to increase and maintain grazing areas, or accidental, usually caused by uncontrolled burning during land preparation for agriculture, are the main threats to the forest

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