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  • Juvenile System: A Case Study

    Conclusion: Overall, the current juvenile system is very much so causing strain and separation between juvenile delinquents and their parents (Gauthier et al., 2004; Taylor & McQuillan, 2014; Whelan, 2003), which is often times connected to high recidivism rates (More Services, 2012; Ryan et al., 2014; Trulson et al., 2005), as well as having an adverse effect on the youth’s potential for familial reunification (Amandoala, 2009; D’andrade & Huong, 2014; Dorsey et al., 2014; Garfinkel, 2010). Since there is much evidentiary support for parent involvement and support being a deterring factor for juveniles (Baer & Maschi, 2003; Church II et al., 2009; Fletcher et al., 2004; Garfinkel, 2010; Maschi et al., 2013; Varma, 2007; Whelan, 2003; Williams & Smalls, 2015; Wisconsin Juvenile Justice Practice Model, 2015), the current structure of the juvenile system calls for reforms to make it more inviting toward parents and their desired involvement in order to combat the issues of recidivism (More Services, 2012; Ryan et al., 2014; Trulson et al., 2005), and failed reunifications (Amandoala, 2009; D’andrade & Huong, 2014; Dorsey et al., 2014; Garfinkel, 2010). By reducing the amount of out of home placements that a youth has to endure during their lifetime, there will not only be a positive effect on recidivism rates (Ryan et al., 2014; Trulson et al., 2005), but it will also help reduce the amount of trauma and stress related incidents that arise from having to be removed from your…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Wildfire

    Several terminologies have been used worldwide to describe wildfire or forest fire (e.g. Hardy, 2005; Bento-Gonçalves et al., 2012; Eriksen and Prior, 2013; Mhawej et al., 2015). Generally in the United States, these definitions included prescribed fire - which is a controlled burn ignited by human under a controlled environment and on a limited spatial scale. However, in this chapter, we only focus on uncontrolled fire that occurs in the countryside or wildland. Studies such as Kumagai et al.…

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  • The Statistical Analysis Of Hackman And Oldham's Job Characteristics Model

    The main summation of the six articles in questions all point back to the significance and need for Hackman and Oldham’s Job Characteristics Model (JCM) as well as the utilization of job re-design based off of these findings. The JCM was originally created as a means to offer different principles that can be implemented at an organization to enrich the workplace for those involved. The JCM is essentially a work questionnaire that uses the information found to create statistical data in order…

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  • Juvenile Justice System: A Psychological Analysis

    Intro: There is much criticism, as well as negative connotations, that currently exist within our society in regards to the juvenile justice system (Pierpoint, 2000; White, 2002), and most critics’ opinions have originated from the plethora of different individuals and agencies whom become involved in a delinquent’s life at any given time once they enter into the juvenile system (Pierpoint, 2000; White, 2002). As many scholars have discovered over the course of their research, biological parents…

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  • The Importance Of Domestic Expansion In Business

    Firms’ overall business strategies and approaches changes during their expansion process (Penrose, 1959) and the expansion strategies will also depend on their business context. Firms evolve, according to Gammeltoft et al. (2010), through the co-creating of the economic system and in this process, the firms and its strategies change and this change will have a remarkable effect on the domestic economic outcome. As a result of governments respond to the emergence of firms by developing…

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  • Grading Practices

    Grading practices: The key to unlocking student achievement and motivation Understanding student motivation allows teachers to develop strategies that can increase motivation, thus increasing academic achievement. Academics has become a constant competition from kindergarten onwards as to provide the best opportunities for students. A major factor on academic achievement is how a teacher uses grading practices to drive student motivation. Selecting the correct type of grading style become an…

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  • Capitated ACTS Model

    Another example, in California, a capitated program (set price per person) named STRIDES (Steps Towards Recovery, Independence, Dignity, Empowerment, and Success), is a close replica to the ACTS model. There is a low caseloads, 24 hour availability, weekly meetings, and medication monitoring. In addition, there are substance abuse counselors and employment specialists available to clients (Chandler, Spicer, Wagner, & Hargreaves, 1999). Chandler et al., 1999, conducted a study of 60…

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  • Jerusalem 1913 Book Review

    I. INTRODUCTION: (JERUSALEM 2004-2006 AND PART ONE: JERUSALEM 1898) Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author, Amy Dockser Marcus, wrote the novel Jerusalem 1913: The origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict in the year 2007. Marcus was a journalist working for New York City’s The Wall Street Journal in 1991. She flew to Tel Aviv, Israel in September. The stories and facts she has about this topic are interesting because she has actual historical background and knowledge about it. She is able to…

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  • Yeats September 1913 Essay

    Throughout many of his poems, especially during the uprising of World War I and the peak of Ireland’s tension with Great Britain, William Butler Yeats often voiced his opinions on the state of Ireland and its people. In W.B. Yeats’ poem, “September, 1913”, he emphasizes and expresses these opinions. Yeats stresses how nationalism can fuel Ireland, yet criticizes Ireland’s people for their greed and overwhelming self-interest. In “Easter, 1916”, though, Yeats shifts away from the people of…

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  • Compare September 1913 And Elemer 1916

    The poem ‘September 1913’ and ‘Easter 1916’ written with its title marking the year and one has September and the other with Easter. Both the poems has very harsh tone, written in iambic meter with AB, AB, CD,CD verses. The surface and the hidden meaning for both these poems have been portrayed as Yeats love towards his country and to the freedom fighter ‘Irish Men’. It is said “September 1913” is directly referring to workers strike, which Yeats is directly linked to “Romantic Ireland’s Dead…

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