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  • The Pros And Cons Of Wildfire

    Several terminologies have been used worldwide to describe wildfire or forest fire (e.g. Hardy, 2005; Bento-Gonçalves et al., 2012; Eriksen and Prior, 2013; Mhawej et al., 2015). Generally in the United States, these definitions included prescribed fire - which is a controlled burn ignited by human under a controlled environment and on a limited spatial scale. However, in this chapter, we only focus on uncontrolled fire that occurs in the countryside or wildland. Studies such as Kumagai et al. (2004), Lentile et al. (2006), Shafran (2008), Prato and Fagre (2008) and Pausas et al. (2009) announce that the wildfire is an essential natural process. Others – e.g. Prestemon and Butry (2005), Amatulli et al. (2006), Romero-Calcerrada et al. (2008), Martínez et al. (2009), Lui et al. (2010), Hurst (2015) – acclaim it is a human-induced phenomenon influencing significantly terrestrial, aquatic, and atmospheric systems throughout the world. Either way, the science behind wildfires has received momentous attention over the past few decades due to the wide range of ecological, economic, social, and political values at stake (Lentile et al., 2006; Mhawej et al., 2015). The study of these fires includes generally a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines, such as forestry, ecology, geology, atmospheric chemistry, mechanical engineering, geography, and economy to name just a few examples (Arroyo et al., 2008). Actually, wildfires’ consequences could be visible at local scale (e.g.…

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  • Grading Practices

    Grading practices: The key to unlocking student achievement and motivation Understanding student motivation allows teachers to develop strategies that can increase motivation, thus increasing academic achievement. Academics has become a constant competition from kindergarten onwards as to provide the best opportunities for students. A major factor on academic achievement is how a teacher uses grading practices to drive student motivation. Selecting the correct type of grading style become an…

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  • Juvenile Justice System: A Psychological Analysis

    Intro: There is much criticism, as well as negative connotations, that currently exist within our society in regards to the juvenile justice system (Pierpoint, 2000; White, 2002), and most critics’ opinions have originated from the plethora of different individuals and agencies whom become involved in a delinquent’s life at any given time once they enter into the juvenile system (Pierpoint, 2000; White, 2002). As many scholars have discovered over the course of their research, biological parents…

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  • Railway Labour Act 1926

    1926- Railway Labor Act Term Paper The Railway Labour Act (1926) has been represented under the regulations set for the government unions. There have been efforts which are between the rail road management with the unions in order to reduce the transportation strikes. This leads to the railroad employees in order to organise and bargain the collective representatives. In 1936, the airlines and the employees have been also added to this. The industries cover the act where the experts believe…

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  • Resistance To Great Depression In France

    national bankruptcy that other Continental countries were experiencing. Into 1930, France remained immune to the effect of the Great Depression; when most of the industrial world was bogging down, most of the parts of French industry was still operating at 1929 heights. Even in 1931, the downturn remained moderate compared other economies. While financial hysteria and extensive bankruptcy made money scarce elsewhere, capital poured into France to produce a unique situation of monetary plenty.…

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  • Theme Of Conflict In Short Stories

    hard-working woman who is abused by her husband. Juvencio is a self-serving man that puts himself first. . In “Sweat”, the theme of violence and conflict is well represented by the main character, Mrs. Delia Jones (Hurston, Z.N., 1926, p.559). Notably, from the beginning, Hurston allows readers to know that Delia is the breadwinner. As can be seen in the introductory section, the narrator notes that Delia was “a wash-woman” and that Monday was one of her busiest days. To show that she…

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  • American Zora Neale Rinson: The Black People In Eatonville

    In the Eatonville Anthology, african-american Zora Neale Hurtson writes about people in Eatonville, Florida. Being that Hurtson herself, was from Eatonville she knew most of the people in this town. Having a new love interest for books and writing, she decided to write this story about her hometown. Considering the time she wrote this book was 1926, most of americans were still very racist to black people. Most of the south cities, including Eatonville, was all black people. But, one of the most…

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  • The Two Factor Model Of Lau (2006

    The main focus of the paper is on the two factor model of Liu (2006) using the current CRSP accumulation of the trading volume data daily during the time period of 1926 to 1962. The literature based on liquidity has been divided into three segments in the past studies conducted which are: Firstly, the search for liquidity proxies which has been conducted by Amihud and Mendelson (1986) where they suggest the bid ask spread measure and the research done by Datar et al. (1998) use turnover as an…

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  • Marriott Corporation Case Study

    10 Marriott Corporation: The Cost of Capital 298-101 Exhibit 5 Spreads between S&P 500 Composite Returns and Bond Rates, 1926-1987 Arithmetic Average Geometric Average Standard Deviation Spread between S&P 500 Composite Returns and Short-Term Treasury Bill Returns 1926-1987 1926-1950 1951-1975 1976-1980 1981-1985 1986 1987 8.47% 9.89 8.20 7.01 5.17 21.31 -.23 6.42% 6.68 6.60 6.18 4.41 12.31 -.23 20.60% 27.18 13.71 14.60 14.15 17.92 30.61 Spread between S&P 500…

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  • 1920-1930 Timeline Essay

    The federal government made a decision in 1918 to start Prohibition. Alcohol was smuggled and sold legally, making large amounts of money. Dropping prohibition was easier than enforcing it. Soon provinces started to drop prohibtion and by 1927 prohibition were no more and instead taxes were put on alcohol. Prohibition caused Canada to create laws on who can sell, manufacture and distribute alcohol that are still used to this day. 2. Balfour Report 1926 Prime Minister Mackenzie King…

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