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  • The Importance Of Exotic Pets

    According to National Geographic, the article “Exotic Pets”, former exotic wildlife owner, Tim Harrison claims, “(I) will never again own anything wild or exotic./ (I) believe ownership of all potentially dangerous exotic animals should be banned”. Therefore even a former owner of wolves, snakes, lions, and bears agrees that having possession of wild animals can be extremely dangerous to a person considering exotic pets can be unpredictable. Furthermore, owners of exotic pets do not realize the risk and danger they put on the community for housing these exotic creatures. In National Geographic, the article “Exotic Pets” Lauren Slater writes, “A man named Terry Thompson let 50 of his wild animals, including lions and tigers, out of their cages and enclosures before killing himself”. This quote depicts an example of a man…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Captive Animals

    From zoos, to aquariums, to petting zoos, and even our own pets, humans have always been fascinated by animals, and have gone to certain extents to use them for learning purposes, preservation, survival, companionship, and occasionally entertainment. Menageries allow people to learn about animals from a safe distance and see some animals which they would never have seen if it were not for wildlife parks. Many argue that captive animals are not happy in their environment, and should be set free…

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  • Skunk Essay

    the windows open. What on Earth could be so disgusting? Well, a skunk is the culprit. It just so happens I live in a neighborhood where there inhabits a nearby Wildlife Refuge. Since we live so close to the wildlife refuge we see a variety of animals roaming around the area. This occurs quite frequently. A possum got stuck in our backyard, and I saw a mother skunk and her little ones walking in the street. Wild animals continue to roam the area at…

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  • Why Animals Run Free Essay

    breed with and how could they feel confortable giving birth. Breeding programs make sure that it is certain population but what they do not do is reintroduce animals to the wild. David Hancock who is a zoo director talks on the fact that many of the zoos have no contact with reintroduction programs. He also speaks on the fact that most zoos breed only to keep animals in their exhibits, which will keep their zoo up and running. Also zoos focus on the big animals because they go off what the…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Wildlife Trafficking

    Wildlife Trafficking: the Elephant in the Room, But Without the Elephants Many people think it is cool and unique to have an exotic pet and stand out among their peers. But for every animal that is transported from its native country for sale, 90% will not survive the journey (“Inside”). That means that only 10% of animals are likely to last just the trip, which does not include the dozens of animals that are canceled orders, abandoned, or starving because of inadequate care and lack of a…

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  • Speech On Exotic Animals

    care of any of these pets, they have the freedom to do so, even if it is behind closed doors. Exotic animal activists mention that “Exotic pet owners keep exotic pets for the same reasons that domesticated animal owners keep domesticated pets, which is the hope of a symbiotic relationship with their creature of choice.” Which is completely understandable, as long as no one falls victim to these creatures. In the hands of unprepared or incompetent caretakers, their exotic animals die, neglected…

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  • Exotic Animals

    Using Captive Breeding for Conservation of Exotic Animals: Are there Ethical Concerns? Imagine a hypothetical observance of an enclosed lion exhibit, proudly displayed in a local zoo. Stationed at the apex of a nearby hill is Tamarin, a spectacular example of an immaculate exotic animal, practicing his patience while playing with his cubs. Curiosity stimulates a concern for this animal. Does he enjoy inhabiting this place? How does he compare to his wildlife counterpart? Is it just and ethical…

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  • The Benefits Of Zoos

    visuals of the zoo can stress the animals out as well. Many wild animals may have never seen a human before and have an instinct to stay away from the. Being put in a cage for everyone to see them can call out to them can put the animal into a very stressful situation. Excessive stress can damage the animal’s immune system causing them to get diseases easier and make them sick more often. The animal may adjust the being at the zoo, but until then it is an unnecessary amount of stress to the…

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  • Exotic Animals Are Not Pets Essay

    discomfort. Moreover, the change of habitat is another way of making them to suffer. By one side, they are forced to adapt themselves into a new environment and a new ecosystem, adding also the way of taking care, if it is not the appropriate, it may be catastrophic. Then, there are many ways of making exotic animals to suffer and sometimes to die. Strange animals are dangerous by several sides. Many of them, although people don’t know, are infected with bacteria and viruses. This makes…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Zoos

    fault, and past time stories of disastrous events in zoos. The battle between the pros and the cons of this event is everlasting and a conclusion that will never be met. A zookeeper, for instance, is an individual who will defend a zoo until the end of time. Veterinarians is another example who supports zoos. These two animal caretakers follow a list of benefits the zoos do provide to the public. One beneficial outcome from zoos would be the influential public attitude towards wildlife and give…

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