Phase-shift keying

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  • Layers Of WBAN

    different physical layers. The choice of physical layer depends on the applications. The different physical layers are: Narrow Band (NB), Human Body Communication (HBC) and Ultra Wide Band (UWB). NB physical layer is used for the activation or deactivation of the radio transceiver and data transmission and reception. The PSDU (Physical Layer Service Data Unit) needs to be pre-appended with Physical Layer Preamble (PLCP), to construct PPDU (Physical Layer Protocol Data Unit). PLCP is used for packet detection and for timing synchronization. PSDU contains the MAC header, MAC frame body and Frame Check Sequence (FCS). The modulation technique used by NB PHY layer are: Differential 8-Phase Shift Keying (D8PSK), Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying (DBPSK) and Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (DQPSK). HBC Physical layer provides Electrostatic Field Communication (EFC). This EFC covers modulation, Start Frame Delimiter (SFD) and packet structure. In this layer PPDU consists of PLCP preamble, PSDU and PLCP header. The PLCP preamble and SFD are created using 64-bit gold code sequence. When the receiver receives the data, it uses preamble sequence to detect the beginning of data. The communication between on-body devices and off-body devices are achieved through UWB physical layer. Here the PPDU bits will be converted to a RF signal for transmission in wireless medium. Ultra Wide Band PPDU contains a PHY Header (PHR), PSDU and a Synchronization Header (SHR). To decode the…

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  • Docetaxel Solubility

    the highest drug solubilization capacity for docetaxel. Whereas, Captex and Gelucire 44/14 shown the least solubility of docetaxel in them. Based on the solubility results, Capmul PG8 NF was selected as the oil phase, Cremophore EL as surfactant and Transcutol-P as co-surfactant. Capmul PG 8 NF (HLB 6) has partial aqueous solubility over Capmul MCM C8 which may help in easy dispersion of drug in an aqueous medium [34,35]. A good combination of surfactants with low and high hydrophilic lipophilic…

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  • Tuckman's Four Stages Of Group Analysis

    Tuckman has four phases of group development. The first being forming, the second being storming, the third being norming, and lastly the fourth being performing. Each of these four phases are influenced by different aspects of your group coming together and working. Essentially the three of these phases are meant to lead you to the fourth phase with success. My group has gone through all four of these phases throughout this semester, while working on our project for COM 240. Tuckman’s first…

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  • The Real World In Annie Dillard's An American Childhood

    and turbulent. Adolescents go through significant phases in their journey of figuring out who they are and how they fit into the fabric of everyday life. The first one being the naive phase; this is where we believe we know everything there is to know. This is the stagnant phase where we cannot see change and think about forever in the most literal sense. Second is the turbulent phase; where we find ourselves rebelling to anything that we feel is oppressive. Lastly is the phase of awakening, in…

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  • Guided Discovery Approach Case Study Essay

    to ask questions of their own, and in turn allows the educator to support the child’s investigation with prompting questions to encourage critical thinking and reasoning (Campbell, Jobling and Howitt, 2015, p. 72). The interactive approach is shown below in (Appendix 2, p. 13) when the educator said “When the ball got stuck it’s because there was not enough force to propel it forward, do you know what this motion is called?” and this approach is shown throughout (appendix 2, pp. 12-17). Thirdly,…

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  • Solubility Of Sulpiride In Me Components

    The area of the formed ME of each system is calculated relative to the whole area of the pseudo-ternary phase diagrams using AutoCAD program 2014. Figures 1 and 2 showed pseudo-ternary phase diagrams of various oils from different origin and fatty acid chain length such as vegetable oil (Avocado oil), long chain triglyceride (Labrafil isostearique) and GMO. These oils were tested for their effects on the area of ME formed. It was observed that the vegetable oil “Avocado” based systems gave no…

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  • Flask Synthesis Lab Report

    During the extraction process, the sand bath was set to 20℃. The 1.00 gram of ground nutmeg was transferred to the round-bottom flask (RBF) using the plastic funnel. Three milliliter of tert-butyl methyl ether and two or three boiling chips were added into the flask. The black plastic connector was used just like the distillation column with air condenser set-up. The flask was clamped to the ring stand using 3-pronged clamp. The flask was lowered into a slightly depression in the sand without…

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  • Essay On Unfair Dress Codes

    firing a woman for being pregnant. I was often on the receiving end of some unwanted advice from my boss on various subjects ranging from my marriage to my looks, while my male coworkers were never treated with such criticism, only respect. My boss was the most unprofessional boss I have ever had. I was told on the day I was hired that I needed to wear dress clothes during my shift, so the next day I went out and bought some nice blouses and a pair of dress pants, as my boss had suggested, not…

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  • Nursing Shortage Analysis

    Nurses no longer sleep in wards near their patients. The 24-hour clock has been split into shift work. Initially the split was three 8-hour shifts, but in the 1970s to aid in the alleviation of the nursing shortage 24-hour staffing was changed to two 12-hour shifts (Rollins, 2015). Most nurses found the 12-hour shifts appealing. The 12-hour shifts led to less work hours and less work days, allowing nurses to better balance their job and family life. However, this change adversely affected the…

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  • Shift Work And Job Satisfaction Case Study

    burden of shift work and job satisfaction among nurses in Winter Park Memorial Hospital. The study will examine the association of predictors between working long shifts and burnout to age, annual salary received, earned years of education and time spent in shift work schedules. Furthermore, the study will help identify potential strategies for improving the quality of life of shift-working nurses. Literature Review In our society today, it is a recognized fact to work beyond the outside…

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