The Real World In Annie Dillard's An American Childhood

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Awakening into the reality that is “the real world” can be rough and turbulent. Adolescents go through significant phases in their journey of figuring out who they are and how they fit into the fabric of everyday life. The first one being the naive phase; this is where we believe we know everything there is to know. This is the stagnant phase where we cannot see change and think about forever in the most literal sense. Second is the turbulent phase; where we find ourselves rebelling to anything that we feel is oppressive. Lastly is the phase of awakening, in this phase we have understanding of the world around us and what we desire to contribute. In the memoir, An American Childhood by Annie Dillard, the main character finds herself weaving …show more content…
Dillard understands there is a world outside of Pittsburg, and outside of her family and their beliefs. “I was gaining momentum…I was approaching escape velocity.” (254). Dillard wants to explore the world, the same curiosity that burned within her when she was obsessed with the amoeba. She is aware that for the time being her immediate future is planned out, but she decides to not to let it ruin her outlook on life. Dillard realizes that life is short and we must make the best out of the time we have. Each one of these phases plays an important role in shaping her awakening into the world. In phase one she is filled with burning curiosity and optimism. In phase two this optimism simmers down as rebellion and unconformity take ahold of her. Finally in phase three Dillard has the realization that all the horrors she learns about the world in phase two do not have to define her life. The world is a big maze, and its okay to be uncertain or afraid. Dillard is aware that life is full of loss, but it is also full with knowledge and greatness. The awakening is nothing more than the understanding that your life is what you make it. Take the good and bad that comes out of it, but do not let the bad diminish your ability to see the beauty

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