Loser's Club Analysis

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Throughout the course of a teenagers life, he/she will go through a lot of experiences, challenges and will also face adversity along the way. Although, as they face these challenges they will slowly realize that these challenges will result in positive changes down the road. For example, in John Lekich’s novel Losers’ Club, Alex and his friends have to overcome their high school bully. In Tweaked, Gordie has to overcome the hurdles of dealing with his older brother who has a drug addiction. In “Romeo and Juliet”, Juliet has to overcome her parents will to be with the boy of her dream. In the life of a teenager, negative experiences can result in positive change.

In John Lekich’s novel Losers’ Club, the theme of negative experiences resulting
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Problems can always cause trouble in the future. In the novel Tweaked , the story’s protagonist, Gordie, is in big trouble dealing with his older brother's drug addiction. Chase puts his family in a very unenviable situation, leaving them with no house or money because of his killing of Richard Cross and drug expenses. While this is happening, Gordie watches his family struggle financially and mentally due to Chase. However, the turning point in the book is when Chase dies from his addiction. After the death of Chase, Gordie says he doesn't feel emotion from the his death. This is because as Chase was going through his problems, his parents would invest all of their time and energy into Chase. However, after his death they start to pay attention to Gordie’s life and interests. Gordie and his parents are very disheartened by the death of Chase. However, the problems he drags them into are horrifying. Chase forces his family and Gordie to make up for his financial shortcomings and is a huge headache. After the death, the Jessup family did not need to worry about all the headaches he caused them. Whereas if Chase was still living, he would still be stealing, doing drugs and sticking with his old habits. It was almost as if it was a blessing in disguise. Two years after the dust settles, the

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