Erick Erikson Case Study

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Erick Erickson develops a psychosocial developmental theory which was deriving from Freud’s Psychodynamic theory and Erickson’s theory also knows as Neo-Freudianism. There are similarities and differences between Erickson’s psychosocial developmental theory and Freud’s Psychodynamic theory. Erickson’s psychosocial developmental theory is more comprehensive compare to Freud’s Psychodynamic theory which explain human from birth to death and focus more on social interaction influence on human development.
Erikson’s psychosocial developmental theory consist of eight stages with different themes which include, trust vs mistrust, autonomy vs shame and guilt, initiative vs guilt, industry vs inferiority, identity vs role confusion,
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Mehmet Atalay (2007), the eight psychosocial stages pointing out that the individual is engaged in the struggle to challenge and overcome the crisis he/she is exposed to. Vincent currently is twenty nine years old, which fall into stage of intimacy versus isolation. The sixth stage cover the period from twenty to thirty. In this stage the main crisis need to be resolve is able build harmonious relationships with other, which included friendship and couple relationship. If young adult able to form healthy relationships with others means he or she able to resolve the crisis in this stage. If the crisis unresolved, then they will felt lonely, detach and withdraw in social interaction. It can also cause of difficulty to form close relationship. Vincent was study Bachelor in Counselling at University of Malaya, getting higher education not only helps him in his career, it also improves his social skill. Vincent manage to melt his girlfriend in university. Vincent know his girlfriend in first semester and they stay in the same hostel but in different block, both of them are involve in the same society activities, which allow them to know each other better and in the fourth academic year they turn into couple. After few months in the couple relationship, we are graduate and his girlfriend decided to go back her hometown working. Although in long distance relationship, …show more content…
Unfortunately, in traditional Chinese family, elder believe that infant cannot be too pamper, meaning that if infant cries for getting attention or huge, mother or caregiver should not entertains infant except physical needs, emotional needs are not important, individual need to be train to be tough from the beginning. Base on the Erikson’s theory, I was not getting enough emotional attention especially warmth feeling and emotional needs such as huge. This also explains, why I have difficulty interact with stranger, always felt anxious, and worry how others perceive me, if I am not performed or interact well, others will reject me. In simple words, I have not confident or trust toward myself and others. Although not to the extent of don’t believe on anyone, but I need longer time to believe others and built trusting relationship. Sometime I am tending to be pessimistic as

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