Erikson's Psychodynamic Theory

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Another theory of the psychodynamic theory is the Erikson’s theory of psychology stages. Erikson believes in consciousness and motives. He believed in the id, ego, and superego, but he also emphasized that the main component of development is social interactions. From Erikson’s qualitative stages, the boy from the blog exhibits the Trust vs. Mistrust stage. Although this stage is for babies, the Chinese boy probably had some problems in this stage, which caused the boy to dislike his mom now. The trust vs. Mistrust stage is when babies are learning and if the parent does something wrong, such as parental neglect, then the baby experiences problems in the future. The boy stated that he never received any affection from his mom when he was a …show more content…
Guilt stage. The Initiative vs. Guilt stage is the learning process stage for babies, if there is a problem at this stage then this leaves the child feeling guilty in the future. The boy in the blog definitely had some problems at this stage because he believes that he didn’t learn anything from his mom because she’s incompetent. He expressed that it hurts him to see other kids that take their parents as mentors and seek advice from them. Additionally, he states that his mom couldn’t even teach him how to speak Chinese properly and that his aunt and uncle would always point out how poor his Chinese was. The above example indisputably shows how the boy feels guilty that he didn’t learn anything from his mom who didn’t let him try new things, such as, learning how to speak Chinese or even try to make beef broccoli.
Industry vs. Inferiority is another one of Erikson’s stages. The industry vs. inferiority stage starts from the ages of 6-11. Because the boy in the blog is in 5th grade and 5th graders are usually from the ages of 10-11, therefore, this boy is in the Industry vs. Inferiority stage due to his age. The Industry vs. Inferiority stage is when the child is trying to accomplish something and if there is a problem at this stage then the child feels inferior in the
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Stagnation stage can also be applied to this blog. The generativity vs. stagnation is during your middle adulthood from the ages of 40-60. During this stage people are generally being productive, giving to the community, working, volunteering. Unfortunately, if there is a problem at this stage then there’s stagnation, when parents don’t feel productive. The mother in this blog has a problem at this stage because she’s lazy, not hard working, and incompetent to work. She doesn’t want to work and she’s fully comfortable living in a government- subsidized home and not pay any rent. The son even tried to get the mother to learn English, but she protested that it was too hard and that she’s lazy. She mother from this blog has a problem with her generativity vs. stagnation stage which is why she is not being

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