My Dream Changed My Life

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When I was 10 years old I was just an ordinary little girl who loved to climb trees, play with cars, play soccer, and pretend to be a lawyer or a doctor. I was pretty much a happy, innocent child whose life was surrounded by play. However, at the age 11 there was an important transition in my life– I entered middle school. By this time, I stopped playing with cars and stopped pretending to be a doctor or a lawyer. I was now focused on something else, my identity.
Growing up, I had trouble fitting in. Sure, I had my best friend Star in Elementary school and in middle school, I had like eight best friends, but I still felt incomplete. I felt as if there was something missing as if like I was at the wrong place and at the wrong time. In less than a year, many things had changed in my life, I was now at a
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I let the people around me guide the person I was at different stages of my life. But, the people who were the most influential were the ones who played the least part in my personal life. In seven years my dream changed entirely. At age 18 I wanted something more than just a pretty face or a skinny body – I wanted a career. I was driven to show myself and the people around me and my family that I could be successful in life and that their support transformed me into the person that I really am. In middle school, all I cared about was fitting in with the others, which made me feel ashamed of who I was. For this reason, my environment in middle school influenced my dreams. I had this same experience in high school, especially when I was 18 but in a positive way. I was now treated as a valuable person as oppose to when I was in middle school. In high school, I met teachers that saw potential in me and along with my friends they encouraged me to fight for what I really wanted. This is how my environment in high school influenced my dream at age 18 to graduate from Woodburn High School and attend

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