Dilemmas And Struggles In Jeannette Walls's The Glass Castle

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In the memoir The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls, is an independent little girl who has the responsibility to take care of herself and her siblings while, struggling to survive without the help of her neglectful and selfish parents. Jeannette, tries to find a way to endure the world of adventure and fantasy her parents make them believed they live in while, also attempting to find a more suitable life for herself and family. However, despite the effort she puts to live in a comfortable way, she finds herself in dilemmas and making decisions that changed her life forever. Nonetheless, this brave and persistent, lost little girl is able to find a better place and life to live with her original and also her new family while, remembering …show more content…
She and her family had never stayed in the same place for long that, causes her to develop the desire to stay in Phoenix because for the first time in her life she feels that she could call this place home. However, they have to move to her dad’s hometown of Welch, in West Virginia. Jeannette and her sibling, try to solve the problems they encounter without the help of their parents, but they always find more adversities that only make their lives worse. In Welch, Jeannette, finds herself missing the times when she and her family used to always move after a few days after being in a place so much that when her dad buys an old car they named Elvis, she finds herself thinking that, “Our trips in Elvis reminded me how easy it was to pick up and move on when the urge struck. Once you resolved to go, there was nothing to it at all” (225). She is having such a hard time in the town that now, the life she once hate, it is looking like a better option to pursue than the life she is living right now. After, enduring many hardships Jeannette and Lori start planning a way to get out of Welch, when they finish high school, but before doing it they have to go through more deceptions from their parents. However, after trying for a very long time and through hard work, Jeannette and her siblings move to New York, there each one of them builds a life of their own. Anyhow, Jeannette, question herself in whether she has made the right decision to start a relationship with Eric, her husband, because even though she has the life she desired, she still does not feel that she has found her home, when she says, “I started thinking about Mom and Dad. When they moved into their squat a fifteen-minute subway ride south and about half a dozen worlds away it seemed as if they had

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