Philadelphia Convention

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  • Philadelphia Convention Essay

    The Philadelphia Convention is commonly referred to as the “miracle at Philadelphia” because it brought 55 men together, with many different views on the problems and solutions, of America. But they were able to put aside any differences they might have and work together for the good of their country. These men were some of the brightest men in the country, and together they created some of the finest works of time. They caused a nationwide debate, of the likes that have never been seen before. Together they created state ratifying conventions where people could voice their opinions and educate people. The purpose of the ratifying conventions was to inform “the public of the provisions of the proposed new government.” This way the people were…

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  • Philadelphia Convention Vs Anti Federalism

    The Government that was created after the Revolutionary war was too weak to mend the conflicts that were arising from the States; the Government was operating under the Articles of Confederation. The Philadelphia Convention agreed to help correct some of the holes in the Articles that had long since been determined even before the war. The Philadelphia Convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from May 14th to September 17th in the year of 1787. Even though the Convention was actually…

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  • What Is The Importance Of The Founding Fathers

    the first environmentalist (Wulf). Madison was called as the President of Agricultural Society of Albemarle one of the first environmentalist groups. One of his most famous speeches was called “Address to the Agricultural Society of Albemarle”. He spoke against planting tobacco in the same field every year. His talked on how the tobacco slowly took all the nutrients out of the soil and left it bare without the ability to plant any crops. Madison’s words later proved true and many farmers and…

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  • Valley Forge Essay

    After an unexpected battle at Brandywine, where British troops ambushed the Americans, over 1,000 American men were killed, and most of their heavy artillery was lost. More skirmishes after this battle caused the American hold on Philadelphia to dwindle, and the city eventually fell into British hands. Members of the Continental Congress were alarmed by the amount of British troops in and around Philadelphia, so Washington decided to keep the Continental Army close by. This way, Washington would…

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  • Allternation And Alliteration In Kennedy's The American Pageant

    Alliteration and hyphenate is greatly used in The American Pageant in order to enhance the history of The United States. In this excerpt which describes Kennedy’s New Frontier, the author uses big numbers, alliteration, and hyphenates as descriptive devices in order for students to categorize the given information as positive or negative and unknowingly have a set view on this topic in history. Some examples from The American Pageant include, “A stampede of 43,129,566 Johnson votes trampled the…

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  • Essay On History Classes

    As we look into American history classes we see a common core across the country. Our students learn from the time America was founded to current events today. In our history classes we are taught from textbooks that are prolonged and biased towards the white man. The educational board needs to add other perspectives to history classes and textbooks because this will expand the future generation 's knowledge of others cultures, ethnicities, sex and points of view. All across the United States…

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  • Similarities Between Frederick Douglass And Benjamin Franklin

    was able to persuade comrades to try to escape and though he doesn’t mention his path, it can be inferred he might’ve read the safe route to New York. He had a great deal of respect for life, as he not only valued his, but everyone’s. It is seen many times in his writing, his general understanding for the way his master’s acted, and also his regard for the current slaves- his only writing enough to discover their condition, but not reveal their abilities to escape to the population. Benjamin…

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  • The Cosmopolitan Canopy Analysis

    In Elijah Anderson’s The Cosmopolitan Canopy, he delves into the diverse city of Philadelphia and observes how people of different ethnicities and backgrounds experience and interact with each other, as well as the city itself. Many areas of the city are segregated, whether it be by socioeconomic status, race, or background. However, within the city, there are many areas of harmony. Elijah Anderson calls these pockets, “cosmopolitan canopies”. A cosmopolitan canopy is viewed as public space in…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Declaration Of Independence

    The best known as one of the Founding Fathers of Declaration of Independence and also the Constitution of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston. His father married twice, with his first wife he had seven children and with his second wife he had ten more. Benjamin was his 15th child and he was the youngest son. His father was soap and candle maker. Benjamin learned to read when he was at a young age. Attending to Boston Latin School was a success to him,…

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  • Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Study

    I have graduated from Montgomery County Community College with a degree in liberal arts. I have enrolled in all of the courses I have been interested in thus far while still fitting them into the program requirements for my program. I feel have built an excellent infrastructure to continue onwards towards a Bachelor’s degree in any direction. As for my academic goals, I plan to earn a degree biology and work in the scientific field or health professional field in the future. My personal goals…

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