What Is The Importance Of The Founding Fathers

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When most Americans think of those who wrote the Constitution, they think of writers and thinkers. In reality, many of the founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were also amazing gardeners. They loved learning about and finding new types of plants from all over the world to try to grow in plots on their vast plantations. Gardening played a major role in the U.S. Constitution and the new country of America. The new country had just fought its first war for its freedom from England. The country was full of people from all over Eastern Europe that had immigrated there since the early 1600 's. (Cavendish) Among the brominated people that had played prominent parts in the revolution were many of the founding fathers. The founding fathers such as George Washington, James Madison, and Thomas Jefferson still had another key factor to play in this newly developing nation. America was made for the most part of farmers. They had plantations, farms, and almost everyone had a vegetable garden. Gardens helped the American people to provide for themselves on plantations, …show more content…
Madison was concerned more about preserving the world around him then growing it. Many even call him the first environmentalist (Wulf). Madison was called as the President of Agricultural Society of Albemarle one of the first environmentalist groups. One of his most famous speeches was called “Address to the Agricultural Society of Albemarle”. He spoke against planting tobacco in the same field every year. His talked on how the tobacco slowly took all the nutrients out of the soil and left it bare without the ability to plant any crops. Madison’s words later proved true and many farmers and plantation owners lost their land and money. He then spent much of his life trying different fertilizers and seeing how well they worked (Howsare). In other words he turned his backyard into a laboratory for testing

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