Articles of Confederation

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  • Articles Of Confederation Analysis

    independence against the British sparked a growing need for a stronger government. Therefore the Continental Congress drafted the Articles of Confederation in 1777. “The Articles of Confederation was the first written constitution of the United States” (Give Me Liberty 249). Before the articles there had been no republican government of any kind. “The local loyalties outweighed national patriotism, and John Adams was quoted saying, we have no Americans in America” (Give Me Liberty 248). This sparked a change in American government that paved the way for many new opportunities for our growing nation. This came with many challenges of course, but the Articles of Confederation served as the first framework…

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  • Effects Of The Articles Of Confederation

    Post revolution America, was a time of turmoil despite America’s victory. The colonists, now free from Britain’s rule had a great deal of work ahead of them, making decisions on how exactly the country should be run with their newfound independence. The founding fathers faced this adversity with the creation of the Articles of Confederation, and in it was everything the states ever wanted with the states retaining a considerable amount of power. Nevertheless, although the Articles of…

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  • Effectiveness Of The Articles Of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation was the first official Constitution of the United States in the years after the revolution. Now although articles were weak in the sense that it was a joke of a government to other nations and they had no power over the colonies (because it was purposely made weak), there was some strong points that actually made it ineffective government especially when it came to foreign relations, economic condition, and Western lands. There is one thing that made the article…

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  • The Articles Of Confederation And The Constitution

    After procuring independence from Great Britain, the new nation decided to establish their own government. The Articles of Confederation (the first written constitution of the United States) had many weaknesses and therefore, the Constitutional Convention was held to amend the Articles of Confederation. It was rewritten and the Constitution was inaugurated. The Constitution established a strong federal government as well as basic and essential laws. It divided the government into 3 branches (the…

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  • Advantages Of The Articles Of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation is the predecessor of the United States Constitution. It set up how the Federal government were to be ran. It included implementation that the US, was it’s own nation. The Articles took effect in 1777. The document was a total of thirteen articles. It also established that the states would be broken up into their own governments. The Articles of Confederation had a lot more weaknesses than strengths. It gave much power to the states. This was not good for the…

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  • Essay On The Articles Of Confederation

    government for more than 200 years. But indeed, the Articles of Confederation was the first plan of government for the newly independent United States. According to The Library of Congress, the Articles of Confederation served as the constitution of the United States from its ratification on March 1, 1789 until the current constitution’s acceptance on March 4, 1789 (Primary Documents in American History). The Constitution was drafted to fix the problems…

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  • Analysis Of The Articles Of Confederation

    The United States was able to defeat the British and become their own country. The important political role players stated that the country needed a document that represented the ideals and laws that this new country was to follow and enforce. Since they were a new country this was the first attempt to establish the functionality of the government. Congress felt,” Following the Declaration of Independence, the members of the Continental Congress realized it would be necessary to set up a…

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  • Articles Of Confederation Failure

    Q#1: Why the Articles of Confederation Failed The Articles of Confederation were the first attempt at a government structure to unify the states, which at that point in time was only thirteen. One of the reasons for the construction of the Articles was to show the world that America was a respectable independent nation. While the Articles were in use, weaknesses would appear that would ultimately fail to govern America which included, a weak national government, overpowered state governments,…

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  • Causes Of The Articles Of Confederation

    The Articles of Confederation, which was the United States ' first constitution and served from 1781 to 1789, did a poor job as the foundation for the country and quickly dissatisfied many citizens. Americans believed that it was disjointed and poor in handling economic problems. More than anything, they realized in light of Shay 's Rebellion that it was powerless against such events. They concluded that the central government needed to be stronger, particularly in its ability to tax, if the…

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  • Characteristics Of The Articles Of Confederation

    The Articles of the Confederation basically is the foundation that today’s government was constructed of. These articles established a government within the United States and a citizenship in which gave equal rights (Schultz, n.d.). The articles continued accomplishments and some of its greatest moments were the organization and developing of the western lands acquired. Even with these achievements, the articles had more weaknesses than it had achievements. The articles had no direction on how…

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