Artificial heart valve

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  • Temperature And Temperature Experiment

    labquest and set up for new data collection. Rubber stopper assembly obtained and connected to plastic tubing and valves. Connector attached at free end of tubing to the gas pressure sensor with a clockwise turn. Two-way valve left open. Rubber-stopper assembly inserted tightly into the 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask. Closed the two way valve so it was perpendicular with valve stem. Mode changed to selected events on labquest. Graph settings changed to display pressure vs. temperature graph, measurements recorded in kPa (for pressure) and degrees Celsius (for temperature). Flask placed and entirely covered in ice-water bath. Readings stabilized and stored. Ice-water bath is dumped. Beaker filled with cold tap water. Readings taken again. Used temperature probe to measure hot-water bath. Used beaker tongs to remove beaker from the hot plate between 50 and 60 degrees Celsius. Readings taken again. Used beaker tongs to place beaker back on hot plate and heated between 80 and 90 degrees Celsius. Flask placed into boiling-water bath and readings were taken. Removed flask and temperature probe and stopped data collection. Results: Pressure (kPa) Temperature (oC) Temperature (K) Constant, K (P/T or P*T) Ice-bath 92.63 1.8 274.95…

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  • Home Roof Research Paper

    Would you believe that in most first time cases of home roofing repair, the leak is actually made worse? Or worse yet, in a good many cases, the attempt to repair one leak only leads to the creation of even more leaks? So read on and learn a few tips from the pros, on how you can get it right the first time. Water Can Travel Under a Roof Leak The very first thing you have to do if you have water dripping down through your ceiling, is determine where the leak is coming from. You see once water…

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  • Faucet Repair Case Study

    Before calling a plumber in Arlington, check the water pressure at other faucets. If the water pressure is low only at a single faucet, first ensure the shut off valve is open. Next, inspect the aerator for clogging due to hard water sediment. Soaking in vinegar and scrubbing with a soft brush should correct the problem. Otherwise, replace the aerator. While the aerator is off check the water pressure at the faucet. If low, a problem is affecting the faucet. Faucets receive significant use,…

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  • Heat Transfer Lab Report

    Next, the arrow icon was clicked to begin measuring temperatures. After that, the water drain valve was closed tightly. Next, the water flow was set to 2 gpm, and the steam valves were opened. Flow rate oscillated up and down during the process of heating, so adjustment was required to maintain the desired flow rate. Then, temperatures were recorded if stabilization and no significant changes occurred. Next, the tubes were examined, and the transition between boiling and non-boiling heat…

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  • Prosthetic Limb Essay

    Researching for life’s improvements is the goal for every engineer, this explains the countless hours engineers spend inside an office or a laboratory. Although people think of engineers as only creators of lifeless technology, many of biomedical engineers specialized in technology for the living. Meeting between medicine and engineering, biomedical engineers find solutions for medicine and, in some cases, people’s disabilities. These disabilities appear from accidents in the workplace to war…

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  • Bjork-Shiley Heart Valve Case Study

    Every year, thousands people get heart valve replacements. There are multiple options for replacement valves that can be generalized as either mechanical or biological. One of the mechanical options from the 1970s and 1980s was the Bjork-Shiley valve, which became infamous because of the controversy surrounding its stress fracture failures. These failures resulted the death of about 400 people, causing the valve to be taken off the market. The decisions made leading to this issue must be…

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  • French Horn Evolution

    still highly limited in reaching its full musical potential. 1.3 Addition of valves The addition of valves around 1815 is arguably the most significant development in French horn technology. A crude piston valve system, known as the Stölzel valve, was developed around 1815 by Heinrich Stölzel and Friedrich Blühmel. In this system created by Stölzel and Blühmel, air entered through the bottom of the final valve in the sequence. The air would then travel either through an extended length of…

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  • Artificial Heart Research Paper

    Coronary heart disease, one of the most pervasive disease, has influenced more than million individuals around the globe. It has brought biomedical engineers and scientists closer to develop devices like defibrillators and artificial hearts that may alleviate patients’ pain. As the number of patients suffering from heart diseases increase, the need for donor hearts increases as well. In 1995, 4000 patients waited for donor hearts and 731 of them died waiting ( Artificial hearts…

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  • Essay On Interventional Cardiology

    Interventional cardiology is a relatively new field in medicine. The doctors within this field treat heart diseases through minimally invasive procedures through the use of catheters, stents, and balloons. Catheter are thin tube made up of several types of material depending on how it will be used. A stent on the other hand is a tube composed of metal that can remain within the body to keep a blood vessel open. Interventional cardiology is said to be first discovered by Andreas Gruentzig in…

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  • Clinical Reflection

    I believe the overall theme that shined through was humility. As I worked as resource nurse I worked with an eclectic mix of patients that I normally was not aware of their overall diagnoses, but rather worked with them when their nurses were too busy. I normally helped by providing care like pericare, assisting in ambulation to the restroom, turning patients, getting them food or blankets and, other similar tasks. The second night I had a patient with a history of chronic obstructive pulmonary…

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