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  • Multimedia Artists Career

    After leaving high school, finding the right career is the next step in the plan of life. When choosing a career, one should tailor it to their personality and interests. Being the creative person that I am, the careers that suit me best are multimedia artist and art teacher. Multimedia artist tend to have an easier lifestyle than most other workers do. On average, multimedia artists make more than the average worker does: Multimedia artists earned average annual salaries of $68,060, according to the BLS. The top 10 percent earned more than $109,370 per year, and the lowest earners made less than $34,800 (Suttle). With that said, one might wonder about the process to reach that income in the field. Most multimedia artists…

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  • The Feminist Artist: The Objectification Of Women

    societal attitudes and transform stereotypes. While the movement worked to act as catalysts for change, there are three artists who…

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  • Makeup Artist Research Paper

    however, to be a makeup artist wasn’t her dream when she was young. Nila always wanted to be a therapist, but after she started doing makeups for part-time in university, she discovered that makeup is something she’s really good at. People loved her makeup skills and philosophies and her work became more and more popular, that’s why she finally decided to choose to be a full-time makeup artist. “A couple months ago, I was speaking to a client of mine, a psychotherapist. I was like ‘Oh, that’s…

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  • Essay On Art Elasticity

    The Elasticity between an Artist and his Art An artist is his work, and thus uses the medium to express emotion and their state of being. Art is an expression of the will and feelings of the artist and thusly are subconsciously intertwined to form a beautiful blend of the material and immaterial. The argument can be made that an artist can represent himself one way through his art and contrast drastically in the real world. I firmly believe that an artist does not have to represent his true…

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  • Shirin Neshat Identity

    Identity is made up of who people are and characteristics that define them. Overtime, artists express the concept of identity through portraits, self-portraits, photography, videography and many more medias. The concept of identity is popular with many artists as it allows them to write their own story through art and to express whom they truly are and to not be trapped into whom society thinks they are. Identity is the way we perceive and express ourselves. Circumstances and factors that an…

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  • Girl With A Pearl Earring Analysis

    In Art 21, Katharina Grosse shares her belief that all artists are “tricksters”. Her art fluently expresses this. Grosse’s sculptures distort one’s point of view; one minute they feel like a giant and the next like an ant. This distortion helps people realize that perspective can be easily influenced, and that art has the ability to mold and transform them. Art distorts our perception of what things truly are, causing us to reflect on and learn from it. Through her novel Girl with a Pearl…

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  • Summary: Artistic Soul In The Heart Of The Boot

    Artistic Soul in the Heart of the Boot Saturday nights in Baton Rouge can be a drag when you 're an artist looking to get your five minutes of shine and turn-up all under one roof. A group of eclectic artists were inspired by random weekly hangouts, that originally began as discussions on love, debates about race and intense games of beer-pong. These nights would turn into full turn-up sessions and tear fest, where we ignored life and jam out like no other but, no one was ever watching. Nights…

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  • Seeing The Value In Art Analysis

    can come in so many different type of ways. Seeing the Value in Art means so much more than looking at a painting or a sculpture. When a person looks at a painting they have to have an open mind and an open imagination. Having these things will get you to the purpose of what the artist is trying to say. Art is one power tool that everyone has, but we use are art in a different way to paint are moods. The way I see art is I look at it at all angles to see what the artist is trying to say. The…

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  • Language Of Art

    from society’s standards and restraints in order to be individually successful. Throughout my life, I have seen the difficulties an artist must endure in order to be successful in the typical sense. However, I have also learned that success can come in many different forms and can be attained through many different methods. This work you are reading is a different type of art for me. It is the art of wisdom I have obtained throughout my life and now have the opportunity to share with a new…

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  • Research Paper On Antsy

    fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." (Dreishpoon, 2013). A platform that allows creativity and commerce to co-exist and for art to be business and vice versa is Etsy. Etsy was created in 2005 and has over forty million members which include more than one million sellers that sell handmade or vintage items (Krugh, 2014). While Etsy is a growing platform that provides artists with a creativity outlet and an opportunity to…

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