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Nila Haran always loves the art of makeup, however, to be a makeup artist wasn’t her dream when she was young.
Nila always wanted to be a therapist, but after she started doing makeups for part-time in university, she discovered that makeup is something she’s really good at. People loved her makeup skills and philosophies and her work became more and more popular, that’s why she finally decided to choose to be a full-time makeup artist. “A couple months ago, I was speaking to a client of mine, a psychotherapist. I was like ‘Oh, that’s so cool to be a therapist, that was one of the things I wanted to pursue as a career.’ But she said ‘No, it’s exactly what you do in your career now’,” Nila says.
Makeup artists and therapists do have something
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It means you’ll have a very random sleeping schedule and you’ll be dealing with many kinds of people and chaos. Especially when it comes to Indian weddings that respect and emphasis family values significantly, you’ll have to listen to the opinions of every family member instead of the couple themselves.
“A lot of people says ‘Oh you are a makeup artist, it’s so cool’, it’s really not like that, I’m not gonna lie, it’s very very stressful,” Nila says. The good thing is, Nila is good at dealing with stress. People are always surprised by how calm she can be in the middle of chaos. “I literally turn on my ‘Ninja mode’,” she says. “ The entire world can be falling apart, but I’m gonna be clam for my bride. I think it’s really really important for makeup artist to take stress under control.”
There is no doubt that the stress a bride is dealing with on her wedding day is far more than her makeup artist. When talking about suggestions for brides to look stunning and amazing on their big day, Asha Umesh, Haran’s partner and assistant says that the only thing they need to do is to believe their makeup artist has the ability to enhance their beauty---which they already

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