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  • The Renaissance And The Renaissance

    Renaissance is the significant era in the cultural history of Europe, which came to replace the earlier Middle Ages and was before the Enlightenment. A distinctive feature of the Renaissance is the secular nature of culture and its humanism and anthropocentrism (i.e. the interest, first of all, to the man and his activities). It was also blooming the interest towards the ancient culture, it was as the ‘rebirth’ of the culture (Brotton). The term ‘Renaissance’ has found among the Italian humanists, for example, by Giorgio Vasari. In the modern sense the term was put into use by Jules Michelet, the French historian of XIX century. Currently, the term ‘Renaissance’ has become a metaphor for the cultural prosperity. Renaissance is divided into…

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  • The Term Renaissance

    1. The term "Renaissance" comes from the French, meaning rebirth. It is a term used to describe the 1400- 1600. Today, the renaissance is viewed as "a profound and enduring upheaval ad transformation in culture, politics, art and, society in Europe." (Brotton, 9) While I believe the term renaissance can be applied to certain aspects of this time period, I don 't believe it should blanket all that occurred in that time period. A major factor during the Renaissance was the revival of Greaco-Roman…

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  • Causes Of The Renaissance

    The Renaissance is a phenomenon which is considered to be the beginning of the modern age. The literal meaning of the word is “Re-birth”, which is exactly what it was. It was a period of spiritual and cultural awakening for the whole of Middle East. It stretched over three centuries, from the 14th to the 17th. It is thought to have originated in Florence, Italy at the end of the 13th century but quickly spread to the whole of Europe. What started out as a cultural movement soon transformed into…

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  • The Renaissance Period

    The Renaissance period was key to history itself and as we know it. The reason why it is because it influenced America in several significant ways. The movement fulfilled a lot of numerous component of establishments in the united states. Some of the impacts are such as social, cultural and political traditions. This paper is going to investigate and talk about the renaissance period. It will also talk about how the time of the Renaissance influenced this advanced world we call America. It will…

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  • Renaissance Characteristics

    There are many characteristics that can describe the age of the Renaissance. First of all, the Renaissance was a period of significant political, economic, artistic, and intellectual change. The word renaissance means rebirth, which is what most people describe this era as being. This era was completely different than the dark Middle Ages. During this age the arts were restored. For example, Michelangelo created his famous artwork on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Italy (pg. 337). Jacob…

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  • Femininity In The Renaissance

    Female rulers in Renaissance times brought a small revolution for women throughout Europe. However, for all those who were not innovative or radical monarchs, there was no access to the ‘luxury’ of subscribing reasonable standards of behavior. For nearly all Renaissance women, conduct and image where highly regarded as the most important aspect of women, especial those with wealth and nobility. Coming out of the Medieval Ages, the demands that were to be met by women drastically increased and…

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  • The Renaissance Humanism

    The Renaissance, that occurred during the periods in Europe from 1350 – 1550, is considered to be one of Western histories event to have named it self. Renaissance literally translates to “rebirth” in French, and it is an era of tremendous cultural achievements as artists, scholars, and philosophers rediscovered the works of classical Greece and Rome. They applied those ideas and aesthetics to contemporary arts, humanism, and modern statecraft. During this period there was a concern to develop…

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  • Vasari Renaissance

    The renaissance, first recognized as rinascimento by Vasari, was a time of great creativity and invention in the world of art. Running from roughly the beginning of the 15th century to 1564, the renaissance knew many incredible artists that we know by name today, and others that helped develop the beauty of art that are less well known. From Cimabue and Giotto to Donatello and Michelangelo, this period was namely occurring in Florence with the perfect climate for an eruption of imaginative art…

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  • Renaissance Aestheticism

    Attitudes toward collecting have undergone several major shifts since the end of the Medieval Period. Over the course of the Renaissance and into the Enlightenment, collections transformed from spaces that beautifully embodied all of creation in an orderly fashion for the owners’ own benefit to more scientifically-organized, specialized spaces for the benefit of a wider audience. Transformation can be seen in the objects collectors chose. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, diverse…

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  • The Italian Renaissance: New Ideas And Achievements Of The Renaissance

    The meaning of renaissance is “rebirth”. It’s a time where new ideas and creations were born. The first renaissance began in cities throughout Italy. Italy had a strong presence of antiquity than any other part of Europe. Italy began to revive the activity of buying and selling goods and town building. Feudalism had less of an influence towards Italy. Feudalism is where social classes were divided based on their position in the economy. Before the renaissance came into full effect, the…

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