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  • Phil Spector's Influence On The Music Industry

    The Impact of Phil Spector in Music Industry. In 1951, a young boy moved from the thriving musical city of New York to Los Angeles after his father died. Having a perfect musical training background gave him an opportunity to become a member of the Teddy Bears. This young boy wrote "To Know Him is To Love Him" when he was a teenager. His song reached the No.1 hit song on the Billboard chart in 1958 (O'Hare 48). His name is Phil Spector, a talented producer, songwriter, and musician. In later years, Spector had a huge influence on record producers, artists, and musicians. Whydopeople always declare Phil Spector such an extraordinary pioneer in the role of a producer of popular music? According to Andrew Loog Oldham in Stoned: A Memoir of London…

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  • Chris Tomlin And John Lennon: An Analysis

    Music is usually something that everyone can relate to. Music has conformed over many years and will continue too many years to come. The numerous genres of music have made it possible to touch many different lives, because not everyone likes the same music. Music is something that is different to everyone. Some may use music to help lift their spirit, and then someone else may use it to calm down their self. No matter how you use music in your own individual way, it is something that our world…

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  • River Deep Mountain High Phil Spector Analysis

    Written Assignment #2 The legendary producer Phil Spector is most famous for his creative technique of overdubbing an orchestra size group of musicians. The ensemble would include, “ five or six guitars, three or four pianos, and an army of percussion, including multiple drum kits, castanets, tambourines, bells, and timpani — to produce a massive roar” (Kemp, 2001). Spector would combine the sounds and amplify them by adding substantial amounts of reverb (Sewell, 2014). Developing what would…

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  • Confronting Cyberbullying Epidemic Analysis

    The issue of cyberbullying has been a prevalent topic that has been at the forefront of many discussions since the birth of the internet. Multiple media sources have covered it and attempted to help troubled parents protect their children’s online experience. “It’s Time to Stop the Cyberbullying Epidemic” by Dr. Phil McGraw and “Confronting Cyberbullying” by Peter Levy are some examples. In his article for The Huffington Post, Dr. Phil attempts to empathize with parents in order to convey his…

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  • Superjoint: Metal Concert Analysis

    No matter where you live or where you are from, people of the earth believe music to be extraordinary and an evocative fixation. People of all walks appreciate hearing and listening to their favorite tunes. Music can generate feelings within a listener whether it has a singular meaning or one of extraordinary sensation. How do songs achieve this? Music is more intricate than most can comprehend. There are numerous characteristics such as melody, texture, tempo, rhythm and dynamics, to be…

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  • Informative Essay On Norman Rockwell

    Lessons are learned through parental discipline (Slide 9). They learn to be big brother and big sisters, by caring for their younger siblings (Slide 3). However, the children also start experiencing the beginning stages of body-image and inner-beauty struggles (Slide 5 & 13). The parents’ main focus is raising their children, which may include discipline (Slide 9). The houses are always depicted as messy with toys and clothing (Slide 4). While the women are usually raising the children, the…

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  • Oprah Winfrey Role Model

    moved in with her father after her pregnancy miscarriage. Her father was a strict man and had Oprah under tight rules, these rules helped shape her into the woman she is today.Freshly graduated from high school Oprah accepted a part time job as a radio show host in Nashville. Entering her second year of college at Tennessee state, Oprah decided to dropout and accept a job as an anchor for WTVF-TV in Nashville. She was the first ever African American to hold that position as a woman. Oprah had a…

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  • Three Main Levels Of Basketball Coaching

    Coaching is a very common thing that lots of people want to do. The occupation is mainly built around experience the more experience an individual has the more opportunity an individual will have. The three main levels of basketball coaching are high school, college and NBA these three levels are similar but have some differences. I will go into details about each of these levels and give general information of them. The high school/middle school level of coaching is the first step of…

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  • Informative Essay On Rock And Roll

    Rock 'n' roll allegedly died when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper died in an Iowa plane crash. Elvis was in the Army, Little Richard had given up rock for Jesus Christ, and Jerry Lee had married his teenage cousin. During these years, “real” rock 'n' rollers were replaced by poppy artists which watered down Rock 'n' roll. Many first-generation rockers produced some of their best work in the early '60s -- the Everly Brothers, the Drifters, Ray Charles. Additionally, this period…

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  • Should Legalize Euthanasia

    taking away the rights everyone in this country. Allowing someone to choose death over pain isn’t taking away any rights. If someone is already dying in a slow and painful way then they should have control over when, how and where they end up dying. Every person with a terminal illness has that goal to survive and beat cancer or any illness that they have. But to certain circumstances, some people can only handle so much pain to the point where they can no longer handle it anymore. In comparison…

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