The Differences Of Chris Tomlin And John Lennon's Life

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Music is usually something that everyone can relate to. Music has conformed over many years and will continue too many years to come. The numerous genres of music have made it possible to touch many different lives, because not everyone likes the same music. Music is something that is different to everyone. Some may use music to help lift their spirit, and then someone else may use it to calm down their self. No matter how you use music in your own individual way, it is something that our world has come to love. We wouldn’t have music today without the masterminds behind all of it. Without the countless hours of song and music writing, we wouldn’t have music today. Artists seem to be a different breed of people. Artists somehow were given the gift of beautiful voices, along with the ability to write. To artists music is not only something that they enjoy, but it is their life. Chris Tomlin and John Lennon are both very successful artists. …show more content…
This conversation is quite common between a profound Christian and someone who is not. Christians should strive to live life where people can see God through them. Tomlin has done just that. When the opportunity came for him to witness to Lennon he jumped right on that. For some Christians it is hard to witness to strangers, and even their own family members, but it is what the Bible tells us to do. Each Christian is given a different gift to help them witness to others and to praise God. Tomlin uses his on a daily basis, while many other Christians are still trying to figure theirs out. Tomlin also makes the remark, “I think that deep inside, all of humanity knows there’s truth here, whether they want to admit it or not.” Tomlin believes that in everyone there is an ounce of faith, and if he can reach those people maybe his music can touch their heart, and move them closer to

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