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  • John Lennon: John Legend

    John Lennon should be called “John Legend” John Lennon is known as the creator of the Beatles, a rock God, and an inspiration to millions. He was able to shake the music industry with new music that would never be forgotten and a kind heart that was giving and passionate for world peace. John Lennon was an intelligent, hard-working man that greatly impacted society by encouraging anti-war protests and supporting the peace movement, as well as developing the world of rock n’ roll while catching the hearts of his fans with his famous band The Beatles and their extraordinary music. “On October 9, 1940, in Liverpool, England John Lennon was born” (“John Lennon.”Bio.). Lennon’s father was absent during his birth and after being a very emotionally…

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  • John Lennon Achievements

    Living Lennon Noted for a rebel, John Lennon used his fame and status as a way to advocate for a force greater than war. John Winston Lennon was raised in Liverpool by his grandma, Mimi. Lennon struggled in school and was frequently known for causing a ruckus in class. John Lennon later focused on making music and began a band. The Liverpool localities would soon be international as part of the “Beatles” the “most influential act of the rock era” (Magness). Post Beatles Lennon went on to use…

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  • John Lennon Influence

    JOHN LENNON’S IMAGE Considered one of the best musicians during the 20th century, John Lennon played a significant role in revolutionizing the way people and particularly the media view music. He was the founder of the Beatles, the best band that has ever existed in the world till today and he went on to sing record breaking songs with his wife after breaking away from the group. Born and raised in England, Lennon started showing a lot of interest in music and arts from a very young age when he…

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  • John Lennon And John Mccannon Analysis

    of all time but stated the group had sold 600 million albums. Fifteen years after this report one can only imagine the amount of Beatles albums sold today. Together John Lennon and Paul McCartney co-wrote 180 out of the roughly 245 Beatles songs while the remaining songs were written with or by other band mates. The Lennon McCartney songwriting duo is as historical in the field of music as any. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr were only together as a band for seven…

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  • John Lennon Assassination Essay

    the figurehead of the Beatles and lead singer John Lennon died, it seems as if a simple killing united the world as one on one devastating day. John was killed on December 8th 1980 by Mark David Chapman outside of his New York Apartment, forever moving the image of the music industry. I believe that John Lennon’s assassination was an unjust act of obsession that ultimately ended the life of one of the most influential people in all of music; however is success lacked due to his chronic battle…

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  • John Lennon Imagine Analysis

    Alyssa Bartel Dr. Byrd English Composition II 1 December, 2016 Imagine John Lennon, the author of Imagine, dedicated most of his time on Earth campaigning as a political activist and song writer. Among Lennon’s projects, his most influential was his campaigning for world peace. In fact, most of Lennon’s most famous works are along the theme of world peace and trying to convince the general public to accept one another in spite of any differences. “Imagining gives people the ability to…

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  • John Lennon Persuasive Speech

    John Lennon “If everyone demanded peace instead of a new television set, then there’d be peace.” John Lennon was one of the most profound and inspirational people in the world, even to this day. He was a leader for peace and was against war; he stood up for what he believed in and didn’t back down when people tried to attack his ways of thinking. He changed the world and people’s views, he got the attention of everyone and with it, he used it for good. John Lennon wasn’t just a singer in a…

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  • Chris Tomlin And John Lennon: An Analysis

    Some may use music to help lift their spirit, and then someone else may use it to calm down their self. No matter how you use music in your own individual way, it is something that our world has come to love. We wouldn’t have music today without the masterminds behind all of it. Without the countless hours of song and music writing, we wouldn’t have music today. Artists seem to be a different breed of people. Artists somehow were given the gift of beautiful voices, along with the ability to…

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  • John Lennon Memorial Research Paper

    On December 8, 1980 John Lennon was shot directly across from Strawberry Fields, by the Dakota building where he and his wife lived. In John Lennon 's memory, Yoko Ono, Lennon’s wife decided to create a memorial in his honor. She wanted to commemorate John Lennon as a rock legend and a peace activist, so Ono created the John Lennon memorial in Strawberry Fields, Central park. John Lennon’s memorial is an effective memorial because of its background, location, design, my individual experience,…

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  • John Lennon As An Advocator Of World Peace

    big powers against the spread of Nazi’s and as a result was targeted. However, encompassed in all the horror that occurred as a result of World War II, a miracle was born. That miracle would grow up to be, Beatle front man and advocator of world peace, John Winston Lennon . John aside from making world changing music, made world changing decisions that impacted such areas as the peace movement and freedom to free speech. Although he only lived for 40 years, those 40 years impacted history in a…

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