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  • Theory Of Privacy In The Information Age

    In “Towards a Theory of Privacy in the information Age,” James H. Moor explains greased information, the foundation and nature of privacy, and the adjustment of policies to ensure privacy under certain situations before proposing a control/restricted access theory of privacy. Moor argues that one of the problems of privacy is that once information is exposed, others can have access to it and use it, sometimes without consent. He then claims that privacy is not a core value, or an essential value shared by all cultures, but that privacy is indeed essential in what he calls our system of values. Overall, Moor argues that it is important for us to think of privacy as a control/restricted access account because it encourages informed consent and…

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  • Information Seeking Process Analysis

    When users are in need of information, they are often faced with a personal task of sifting through numerous amounts of information on their own. Over the years many information professionals have developed a set of terminology for the process that is Information Seeking. Carol Kuhlthau developed a detailed overview of what happens during the information seeking process. She discusses that the information seeking process “is the user’s constructive activity of finding meaning from information in…

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  • Three Theories Of Information Literacy And Behavior

    In preparing for the completion of this assignment, I looked up the articles referenced in Chapter 2 concerning the three theories of information literacy and behavior. I found that my background knowledge was limited and I had a very difficult time discerning the important information in each article and then distilling that information into something that was usable and made sense to me. I finally settled on accepting “Practice Theory” as the one that is the “best theory” mainly because it…

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  • Walther's Social Information Processing Theory

    Two features that support Walthers theory are verbal cues and extended time. Verbal cues support Walthers theory because the way someone communicates through networking or text message can define whom a person is and how they think. If someone used certain words such as fail language and talks badly about another person, he or she may not want to associate himself or herself with that person. Verbal cues through texting also help people get to known one another better. Walther suggest that…

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  • Information-Processing Theory Of Cognitive Development

    Describe the information-processing theory of cognitive development. According to K. Berger (2008), the information-processing theory is a “vew of cognition as comparable to the functioning of a computer and as best understood by analyzing each aspect o the functioning” (pg 310). The information-process are comprised of three important components, sensory memory, working memory, and long-term memory. The sensory memory is the component that allows stimulas information to be stored for a split…

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  • Asymmetric Information Theory: The Pecking Order Theory By Myers And Majluf

    In 1984, Myers and Majluf firstly introduced the pecking order theory, which is based on the asymmetric information between people inside and outside the firm and the adverse selection problems resulted from the information asymmetry. The pecking order theory does not estimate an optimal leverage ratio as trade-off theory. However, it claims that a firm’s debt level is just a preferential order of financing options (internal or external sources) when the firm needs more funding, It is determined…

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  • Theories Of Piaget, Vygotsky And The Information Processing Approach

    personality is the complex cluster of mental, emotional, and behavioral characteristics that distinguish a person as an individual (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2016, p.114). There are several theories that intend to explain personality development; however this study will concentrate on the psychodynamic (Frued), behavioral (Pavlov), and the phenomenological (Rogers) conceptual frameworks and how they influenced my overall psychological development. In addition, cognitive development theories of…

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  • Digital Discourse

    Intertwined to make a tangled web, spider silk incorporates a special stickiness to trap unsuspecting prey. Much like a spider’s web, social media captures people of all ages in the digital world of communication. Social media remains a platform for participation on the internet in which kids, teenagers, and adults publish information regarding a variety of topics. Yet, all social media platforms- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, etc.- are simply threads in a larger web of digital…

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  • Communication Skills: Paraphrasing Relationships

    Skills Paper (Draft) As a married woman, I know all to well how communication can affect your relationship with your partner or significant other. While communication skills are vital towards a lasting relationship, effective communication is a necessity with everyone you may encounter. Communication is the foundation for which all cultures, despite age or gender, convey messages through nonverbal or verbal cues. What you say, or don’t say, will have a significant impact on how your message is…

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  • Social Media Social Disaster Case Study

    and situational factors, influence the ways in which information is provided and interpreted (Savolainen, 2015). The HR department of an organization should implement guidelines for the use of social media. Because of the potential legal and security issues, HR should provide rules that follow the EEOC laws. HR should address the sensitive topics of discrimination and sexual harassment. Organizations should not limit the social media hours of access. Because of the global workforce and…

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