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  • Persuasive Essay On Eating And Eating

    Eating has evolved with humans as more than just a mere act of survival. Today we have varying styles of cuisine that span across nations and the cultures within them. Furthermore, we all have differing tastes, opposing techniques and flavors that we have grown up on. While cooking and eating may have began as a path of exploration and freedom, we now have unwritten restrictions as to what is and is not ok to eat. As an example, within our society options like insects, pet-like animals, rats, rotting foods, tongues, and even testicles are among some foods that are considered taboo and would break our norms, or might even cause revulsion. While we may not realize it, our society strongly dictates exactly what we like to eat every day. Some cultures may view those examples above as delicacies. In fact, our specific tastes have been almost hand-picked by the people around us since the day we were born. Our society dictates what grosses us out and what makes our mouths water. In this regard, we are compelled to eat socially acceptable foods in such a way that goes beyond our simple likes and dislikes. Someone who enjoys to eat foods that are out of the ordinary may avoid doing so in a social setting for fear of being ostracised or looked down upon. As an example, someone may substitute a salad for a burger in order to appear as though they are eating healthier in order to avoid the stigma associated with fatty foods. In another seemingly extreme example, but probably more…

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  • Pickle Juice Research

    Electrolyte and Plasma Responses After Ingestion of Pickle Juice in Hydrated Females Adanna Cheek Radford University Introduction Every physically active person knows how it feels to be in the middle of a sporting event or workout and suddenly experience a muscle cramp. These cramps are inhibiting and painful, as well as cause a decrease in performance. Exercise-associated muscle cramps, or EAMC, are defined as skeletal muscle cramps that occur during or directly after exercise (Miller et…

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  • Summary: Arsenic Exposure Health Risk Analysis

    We focused on arsenic exposure health risk analysis through oral ingestion and dermal absorption pathways of groundwater in the present study. The local residents in the study area were interviewed for basic information such as age, sex, body weight, health status, socio-economic status, food habits and drinking water sources. It was mentioned that the residents were using mainly groundwater for drinking and other purposes. The poverty, lack of awareness and having no effective alternatives were…

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  • Oral Sex In Ancient Egypt

    The article titled “SEMEN INGESTION AND ORAL SEX IN ANCIENT EGYTIAN TEXTS” by Marc Orriols- Llonch explores the sexual practices in ancient Egypt, and discussed potential meanings of the Egyptian writings. The article talks about the possibility that the passages may have many different meanings, including Oral sex from a female, Oral sex from a male which is quickly dismissed due to the lack of acceptance at the time, and that ancient Egyptians gods were able to reproduce from oral ingestions .…

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  • Uptake And Bioaccumulation Of Microplastics Case Study

    4. Uptake and bioaccumulation of plastic derived chemicals A key factor contributing to the bioavailability of microplastics is their small size, density, color, surface (smooth or rough) (Stephanie L. Wright a,2013). Food chain disturbance in marine environment is the major problem because due to ingestion of plastic which consists of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB), POP and PAH. They absorbs/bioaccumulation in the fatty acid of living organism and cause death of the species. At least 180…

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  • Kratom Powder Case Study

    use Kratom and Datura together, however this is admittedly vague. Also, co-ingestion of the two substances was not known until later and diagnostic testing was never pursued. The patient admitted to consuming two drinks a day, which may have been actually underreported. Since his ethanol level in his blood was negative, it cannot definitely be stated that the seizure activity was not the result of ethanol withdrawal, “albeit the profound central nervous system depression is uncharacteristic…

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  • Mesozooplankton Feeding Analysis

    This is because each functional response has relatively different initial functional response pathways, even though they all are increasing. For analyzing mesozooplankton grazing we would have expected to see the data follow either a Holling type II or III functional response curve. For as Frost discusses in his paper mesozooplankton eventually reach a maximum saturation level, where it no longer matters how much phytoplankton are available they can not consume, nor process them any faster.…

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  • Lumbriculus Variegatus Experiment

    This experiment was conducted to study the effects of household drugs on the circulatory functions of the blackworm, Lumbriculus variegatus. The first hypothesis for this experiment is as the concentration of caffeine increases, there will be an increase in the pulsation rate. The null hypothesis is that as the concentration of caffeine increase, there will not be an increase in the pulsation rate. Based on the results, there was a statistical significance with a >95% confidence level in the…

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  • The Consequences Of Cannabis Exposure To Children

    This journal article was written by four contributors and it is supposed to shed light on the risks that can come with the cannabis legalization regarding the parents' neglect and cannabis exposure to children. In the first paragraph, the authors explain how dangerous it is for children to get exposed to cannabis. It also reminds of the fact that it has already been proposed or even legalized in a number of states while there has not been enough attention given to the consequences on the high…

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  • Fairmont Shop Description

    employee using them and chemicals that are used in every battery repair. Since some repairs use different chemicals and different processes, I decided to narrow it down to a very basic battery repair that would be done at the Fairmont shop I visited. First would be sulfuric acid, which is used in the cells of the battery in a liquid solution form. The hazards associated with sulfuric acid range from eye hazards, skin contact hazards, inhalation hazards, and ingestion hazards. If the corrosive…

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