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  • Who I Am Research Paper

    to become. The problem for me is I have never really known much about myself. It’s not that I am a stranger with myself it’s just explaining Myself has never been a strong skill for me. I am not completely I have been told that I am a multimodual learner. This is somewhat true. I know learn different things different ways but the dominant way I learn is Visually. If I put something together I will briefly scan the directions and start. I would only return if I feel it is incomplete. I have to sit towards the front of class. Although it is easier to become singled out by professors I am more likely to be prepared. I have an INFP type personality. INFP stands for “Introversion, Intuition, feeling, perception” This means I am creative (which is a new one for me). I am also a strong egalitarian. I have always been one to cheer on the underdog. Fellow INFPs are JRR Tolkien, JK Rowling, Edgar Allen Poe, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Most of my skills are general such as being open minded, flexible and passionate.…

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  • My Top Five Personalities

    “J/P”, which means that I evenly portray both of these traits. Judgers are usually organized, structured, and work well with schedules, unlike perceivers who are usually spontaneous, flexible and adaptable when operating externally (Quenk, 2000). So now that each trait has been described, how do they all interact to make a person’s profile? I will give a quick synopsis of each of my two personality profiles, being an INFJ and an INFP. What does being an INFJ/P mean? What occupations are…

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  • Id Me Personality

    After completing and going over the personality profile from “ID Me” Quick Start program, I read some things that I already knew were true and discovered a few new things about myself. I got a few tips on how to improve myself and my study habits in order to perform better in college and in life. My mother and I had previously been interested in the Myers-Briggs personality test just for fun, and we both agreed that my personality type was INFP, the Introverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving. Ever…

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  • INFP Personality Types

    function at the highest level of productivity, managers must focus on empowering individuals in order to strengthen the group rather than enforcing autocratic leadership to force the individuals to serve the needs of the group. Managers themselves also need to know their own strengths and weaknesses based on their personality types as well as common strengths and weakness for personality types present in their employees. For instance, a people with an Introversion-iNuition-Feeling-Perception…

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  • Personality Evaluation Of Personality

    ideas and preferences are eccentric and not many people share them. My Myers-Briggs type, INFP, supports the Newcastle test. INFPs are overabundant in counseling, writing, and the arts careers (INFP). Another source showed that those who had NFP in their type were highly correlated with musician careers (Myers-Briggs 1962, p.23). Though I may not excel in the arts, I do appreciate them and I have the creative capacity but for something more…

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  • ESTJ Personality Types

    Psychology experts generally agree that trying to change someone’s personality type is not likely. I would use the ESTJ logic and problem solving skills to ensure the project is moving along and meeting deadlines effectively. The group members that have INFP will be less concerned with the logistics of putting the project together, but could offer their own unique benefit to the assignment. Free-thinkers, these individuals could help put the project into perspective and carefully evaluate…

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  • Organizational Management: A Case Study Of Carl Jung's Theory

    I noticed that that being an INFP personality type has its pros and cons. One of the weaknesses that I have at work is my social anxiety. I work at a bank so I deal with hundreds of people on a daily basis. As an INFP personality type, quite honestly, it's uncomfortable. I do it, I perform well on my job but I don't like it. I do a great job hiding the hesitation but it's still here. I have to try really hard to appear extroverted because I'm a manager. I love my job but I prefer to have a…

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  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assignment

    An assignment was given to us, where we had to take a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to identify where our personality fits best in. We were categorized from sixteen different personality types based on what information we were given and how we answered them. The four categories were based on where you focused your attention, the way you handle information, the decisions we make, and how we deal with the world. Each had preferences to give you the type of personality you most likely fit in,…

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  • My Personality Type Indicator

    My personality type is the INFP which stands for Introvert Intuitive Feeling and Perceiving. The MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This is used to determine ones personality, and to more easily understand everything that specific personality. ( ) They can be Charming - tending to have a " live and let live " attitude Sensitive to others - Can relate to others easily, helping them avoid conflict Imaginative - Craft bold ideas after sensing others emotions…

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  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    added all together with the scores from 2 and 22 to get a score for the BIS; measuring an individual’s behavior inhibition. Statements 1, 6, 11, and 17 are filler statements (Carver 3). Results On the Meyer-Briggs questionnaire I was evaluated and my personality type was INFP. I’m 12% preferred introverted over extraversion. I am 6% preferred intuition over sensing. I am 19% preferred feeling over thinking. And finally, from the Meyer-Briggs questionnaire, I am 19% preferred…

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