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  • Ma Yba Case Study

    information publishing website in China, in 9th May 1995 (Liu, 2007). It had been 3-month earlier than the time when the Internet was available in China (Liu, 2007). Then, he was invited by China International Electronic Commerce Centre (CIECC) and became general manager of CIECC in 1997 (Liu, 2007). He established a series of website, including official website of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Chinese online commodity trading markets, Chinese online technology exports fair, China merchants, online fair and China’s foreign trade. Ma resigned his public job in 1999, when Alibaba was founded by 18 persons led by Ma. He is the chairman of the board and was CEO until May 2013, when he was succeeded by Lu Zhaoxi (Xia, 2013). Alibaba experienced a rapid development during this period and that star-up has largely changed the way Chinese people shop. Moreover, Ma is the founder of Zhejiang Ma Yun Public foundation. Meanwhile, he is a director of Softbank Corp. of Japan, a trading firm which is listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange. He is also a member of Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum (Forum, 2016). Besides, he is the advocate of the United Nations ‘sustainable development goals’ (Nations, 2016) and become Special Adviser on Youth Entrepreneurship and Small Business of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (Luo, 2016). The history of Alibaba Developing process and success In 1999, Ma built Alibaba with his 18-person team in Ma Yun’s…

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  • Foreign Market: ABB Sells Unit To NKT Cables

    Multinational companies need to organized to have presence in foreign markets. Companies can create growth and profit if they penetrate foreign markets the correct way. A company can structure the business so it can be public. It can allow the company to raise funds by investors through an initial public offering. When a company is in the correct geographic area and provides a service or product that is in demand, the opportunities are endless for a multinational. ABB Sells Unit to NKT Cables…

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  • Human Resources Policy Paper

    first priority (George, 2007; Howard, 2008). Customers, stockholders, and owners want to know that those in who they are investing or buying products from are not simply looking out for their own self-interest. Secondly, ambiguity can be effectively eliminated through a formal conflict of interest policy because many situations do not clearly fall into what common sense would consider a “conflict of interest” (George, 2007). These policies provide examples of what is prohibited and a mechanism…

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  • Silicon Valley Gender Gap Essay

    gender gap is more displayed by the disparity in high rank positions. According to the Fenwick & West survey (Bell &White, 2014), more than 80% of Silicon Valley 150 companies had only one woman director or none at all in the 2014 proxy season. Tech firms are starting to hire women for senior positions considering media pressure and its public image. Verne Kopytoff, a senior editor at Fortune, talked about Twitter’s case in his article “In Silicon Valley, women still a rarity in the top ranks”…

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  • Netscape Communication Case Study

    The response was overwhelmingly favorable, yet only indicated potential demand. Such potential would not be 3This commission value does not account for the potential exercise of the overallotment option. At 750,000 shares, this option would generate an additional $1,470,000 at $1.96 per share. Clearly, the underwriters would benefit from any demand for shares in excess of the original five million being considered. 6 Netscape's Initial Public Offering 296-088 realized until…

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  • La Trobe Venture Capital Case Study

    University needs to allocate a small portion of its budget to program. This budget can be pegged to the average budget needed to start up a venture, 35,000 AUD (Beesley, 2013). The time of some of its faculty members are also needed to ensure that the venture is well reviewed and planned, lessening the risk of the venture from failing. Initially, the program will just support 2 high potential ventures. The number of ventures supported will increase depending on the success of the initial…

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  • Finish Line Background

    all TAF stores turned to Finish Line stores in 1986, the company has grown tremendously. 105 stores located throughout the southeastern and midwestern states had annual sales of nearly $100 million by 1991. The company started planning how to stay financially stable. According to M: Business by Ferrell 5e, planning is the process of determining the organizations objectives and deciding how to accomplish them. The solution to expand Finish Line’s throughout the country as well as eradicate some…

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  • Katherine Heigl Case Study

    Heigl Hounds of Hope which identify the types of business she conducts . She would also secure a copyright on her production company which is geared towards her artistic work. Since Heigl is a well known public figure, being the entertainer she is, she would need protection against false and defamatory statements that are made with actual malice. This includes false endorsements and false publicity which is known of its falsity. The tort, invasion of privacy under the common law, safeguards…

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  • Court Case Of Cardozo & Co.

    After many sleepless nights and a lot of hard work I was seeing the result of several years of sacrifice, I had finally graduated from FIU, one of the best universities in South Florida and was about to achieve every accountant’s goal; to obtain my CPA license. Even though one of the “big four” tried to recruit me, I decided to open my own CPA office in South Beach. To my surprise, I was immediately engaged by Cardozo & Co., a firm that wants to go public. As an auditor, to the best of my…

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  • Disadvantages Of A Cupcake Business

    worldwide B2C e-commerce sales amounted to more than 1.2 trillion US dollars in 2013.” There are those type of people who will not shop online because they love shopping and seeing your product before you buy it but, recently there have a huge increase in the amount of revenue an E-commerce store has generated. Topic “Daniel has a networking website. He only allows potential users to join if they have been invited by another user to join the network. A new user is charged $20,000 to…

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