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  • Ink Thickness And Ink Density

    investigated Study on the Relationships between the Optical Density and Ink Film Thickness Based on the Offset Overprint Trapping. D=D∞ (1-e-ml) formula represents the relationship between ink thickness and ink density. By using the formal of one-color ink thickness and ink density, the second density that corresponds the first major density is transferred to the equal thickness. Then they are added together. The experiment was carried out using 128 & 157 GSM art matt paper, 60 & 100 GSM offset paper; and Offset glossy and quick-drying ink of TGS brand. Papers were printed with different color and 10 different volume inks. Primary colors were overprinted in sequence CY; MY and CM. Then various primary…

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  • Risks And Consequences Of Tattoos

    cross contamination. Because of the lack of regulations on tattoo ink, tattooing can cause cancer, blood born diseases, and granuloma. Before the artist starts the new tattoo, they should always complete the paper work that is required to keep everyone involved safe from legalities. The paper work includes taking the identification card of the person receiving the tattoo and their…

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  • Hiring Ink Or Not To Hire Ink Analysis

    To Hire Ink or Not To Hire Ink Audience: My audience is business owners who are not overly religious and have a more conservative traditional view about what the employee work appearance should be. They would be willing to start looking at the qualifications of an applicant as opposed to judging them on personal appearance. They are right now most likely to pass up a person with tattoos based on stereotypes about the type of person who would have tattoos. I believe that business owners…

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  • Tattoo Controversy In Our Society

    on it. Some of us believe tattoos are harmful and think we need to ban it in our society to prevent from bad influences to our young generations. On the other hand, others see it as beneficial, inspiring, and a need to maintain the histories of tattoos. I can understand that we all have different sentiments about tattoos because we all grew up in different households, received different perceptions and knowledge about cultures’ norms and values based on our belief systems. All above these…

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  • INK Reflection Essay

    Introduction In this essay, I plan to document my experience volunteering at INK, the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, and connect said experience to the ideas and concepts of Educational Psychology, specifically those covered in EDUC 2130. Some topics I will address include the practice of cooperative learning, play-based learning, and theories of development, both personally and socially. The Interactive Neighborhood for Kids I completed my field experience at the Interactive Neighborhood…

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  • Wicked Lovely Analysis

    Those who like to doze off into the world of books and zone out of reality. I would recommend this book to the audience the age of 13+ and those who are very interest into fairies. Other interests is Ink Exchange 2nd book, Fragile Eternity 3rd book, and Radiant Shadows 4th book. How I felt about this book is embarrassing because they have some lovey dovey stuff, and just make me felt embarrass while reading it. I would rate this book 5 out of 5. I really like how it romantic and supernatural…

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  • Tattoo Ink Research Papers

    As a tattoo artist, you go through a lot of supplies. One of these supplies is tattoo ink. For tattoo artists of all experience levels, tattoo ink is the lifeblood of your business or hobby, obviously. If tattoo ink is starting to break your budget, then read on for tips on finding cheap tattoo ink. The best place to look for cheap tattoo ink is online. You may already know that this is an option, and it can be a very affordable one. The reason tattoo ink is often so cheap on the internet is…

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  • Katherine Von D Background

    Katherine von Drachenberg, or more familiarly known as Kat Von D is a famous tattoo artist that many know from the famous television shows, “Miami Ink” and “LA Ink.” Sephora approached her back in 2008 to help her set up a couple shades for her own liquid lipstick line. Since then the Kat Von D Beauty collection has vaguely developed into a diverse makeup brand with numerous different products to choose from such as, foundations, liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes and much more. (“Kat”).…

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  • La Ink Research Paper

    There are television shows dedicated only on the practice of tattooing. One show, LA Ink, is a reality show acquired by famous tattoo artist, television personality and cosmetics entrepreneur, Kat Von D. The show is filmed in Von D’s Los Angeles tattoo studio, where multiple celebrities visit to get tattoos done by well-known tattoo artist, Kat Von D. Musician Jason Mraz; singer Christina Perri, and hip-hop artists Ja Rule and Soulja Boy all appeared as celebrity guests on seasons throughout the…

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  • Indian Ink By P. D.

    Indian Ink By P.D Poetry is a type of thing you read that sparked a feeling or makes you think about what you just read. For me it was “Indian Ink” by P.D. Indian Ink makes me feel that no matter what you need to just keep going and push through the pain of bad histories or suffering. Indian Ink is by P.D and the point of view is by an Indian. The time is in Autumn and the location is near mountains. The literary devices are hyperboles. “They collect tears from the memories of the past”…

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