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  • Business Profile Of Alibaba

    millions of people to open their own business and grow China’s economy. Alibaba group has three main sites: Taobao, Tmall, and, which combined have hundred of millions of users and merchants, creating transactions…

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  • Alibaba Case Of B2ba

    Alibaba is a Chinese most famous e-commerce company that provides consumer- to -consumer(C2C), business-to-consumer(B2C) and business-to-business(B2B) sales services via web portals. It also provides electronic payment services (EPS), data-centric cloud computing services and shopping search engine and. The group founded in 1999 when Jack Ma started the website, a business-to-business(B2B) portal to link Chinese manufacturers with local and overseas buyers. has…

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  • Ma Yba Case Study

    Introduction It is apparent that, the dramatic growth of Internet creates a great number of powerful companies and billionaires. To a great extent, Ma Yun is a legendary one of them in China, because of the significant growth of his company, Alibaba Group. Alibaba was founded in Hangzhou in 1999 (Alibaba-Group, 1999) and it is one of the largest platforms for online trade and business communication now. Alibaba is based on online platform and started in e-commerce B-to-B (Business to Business)…

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  • Drivers Of Internationalization Case Study

    The drivers of internationalization of business promote the rock pace of growth and spread of business and economy. More and more companies move their business activities abroad. In my opinion, “E-commerce”, “Search for new markets and reduced costs”, “Rapid And Extensive Global Communication”, “Increased travel and migration”, “Knowledge sharing” Play important drivers of internationalization of business. E-Commerce becomes very popular, based on providing a platform for companies trade…

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  • Alibaba Case Study 2013

    2008: Alibaba Group founds a platform for third-party brands and retailers ( 2010: The Alibaba Partnership structure is established. It launches the Mobile Taobao app. 2012: is delisted from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange at a delisting price of HK$13.50 in order to run free from the pressure of market expectations, earnings visibility and share price fluctuations. 2013: Due to disagreement over shareholder rights, Alibaba Group abandons its plan to list on the Hong Kong…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Alibaba

    history yet has additionally risen more than the three biggest IPOs by American Internet organizations consolidated. Alibaba broke records as the greatest IPO, valuing its offering at $68 per offer this year. The IPO is required to raise $21.8 billion, which values the organization at $167.6 billion surpassing Visa and Facebook (Chen, Solomon & Mac, 2014). In my opinion, Alibaba became so successful in e-commerce is because of its numerous advantages and it have great potential to boost up…

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  • Aliibaba Case Study is an e-commerce service that focuses on B2B e-commerce to connect various types of small and medium enterprises. Thus, their efforts could be developed to be able to glance up outside China. The Company established the Alibaba Group Jack Ma has become one of the world giant companies who gain success. Hilt is the time of the initial public offering to the public (IPO) on Saturday (09/20/2014) local time, the official Alibaba shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange USA (NYSE).…

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  • Virtual World Case Study

    location. Participants can communicate with other in anytime and anywhere because people in the world are central to virtual worlds. Even solitary presence is able to know what is the world happening. (Bell, 2008) 6.1 Awareness of Virtual World in Alibaba platform A. Chat room At first, virtual world had limited by technology. User can only text or document sharing through message board. Alibaba platform had used chat room in their platform to reply user enquiries by downloading…

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  • Alibaba Essay

    Alibaba operate Taobao Marketplace, China’s largest online shopping destination, Tmall, China’s largest third-party platform for brands and retailers, in each case in terms of gross merchandise volume, and Juhuasuan, China’s most popular group buying marketplace by its monthly active users, in each case in 2013. A significant portion of Alibaba customers have begun transacting on mobile platform, and they are focused on capturing this opportunity. In the three months ended December 31, 2013,…

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  • Crm And Evolution Of Marketing Case Study

    CRM and evolution of Marketing online Online commerce is evolving rapidly and your business should not fall behind. Just last week a new explosive shopping expo was launched in China marked The Global shopping festival - it takes the place of what was once Singles Day. The 11-11 holiday was adopted by online retail giant Initially the day was a commemorative occasion for single people when they would buy gifts in celebration of their status. Today the event could well already be the…

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