Infrastructure Asset Management

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  • Increasing Urban Quality Of Life In Australia

    international scale, it can be seen that there are many factors which add to the ranking of a city. Such factors range from economic stability and potential, financial state, appearance and convenience, general cost of living, job growth, the opportunity for businesses and global connectivity. (Infrastructure, Chp. 2) In order to maintain a position of high appeal and worth, it is vital that Australian cities benchmark themselves against other world competitors particularly with-in the Asia – Pacific region, as well as other cities in the global ranking war, such as London, Shanghai, Singapore, New York, Berlin etc. (Infrastructure, Chp. 2) The livability of a city is the main feature with which a city gains its reputation and is judged in many ways, including health, commuting practices, well-being and general quality of life of the people in the city. It is difficult to precisely measure the extent at which a city is livable, however, it can be measured both subjectively and objectively. National surveys can be used to gain people’s opinions on their quality of life, or, through the monitoring and observation of social and economic growth, education, job growth, health and infrastructure assets as well as general services and opportunities. (Urbanization, Urban life and Urban Spaces, Knox P. L. (2011) (Urbanism as a way of life, Wirth (1938) Australian cities currently provide leading services along with sustainable transport systems. Recent developments in the South…

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  • Water Resources: Course Analysis

    While taking this course, I have not only learned water resource issues from the class presentations, but also from guest speakers as well as the debate discussion we had. There are many things I did not realize when it comes to water. Water is extremely essential to humans, animals of the world and the whole ecosystem. I have learned that the demand and need for water has decreased substantially and has started to raise concern to many. Throughout this course we have talked about ways which…

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  • The Importance Of Drinking Water In The Third World

    turns into an ordeal. As such, world organizations from several developed and undeveloped nations convened recently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to identify and target the five most urgent needs currently found in every third world nation--be it Latin America, Africa or elsewhere. Our article below lists them as being drinking water, food supplies, energy sources--renewable or sustainable, infrastructure development and a viable health care system. Although the challenges are formidable,…

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  • The Importance Of Civil Engineering

    What makes a civil engineer different than any of the many other branches of engineering? Well it is certain that all branches of engineering must have a proficient understanding of math, science and technology in order to succeed (Georgia Tech, “What is Engineering”). Civil engineers however must be able to take the knowledge from these three areas and apply to create or enhance public works. A public work is nearly every type of transportation and transportation center, including space…

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  • Impact Of Roads On Socio-Economic Development

    developing their physical infrastructure which provided the basic platform to these nations and open new doors of socio-economic development through enhancement of trade and insurance of smooth flow of productions, goods and services within and outside these countries. Most of the developing countries lack good and improved physical infrastructure due to which these countries are facing problems of accessibility, mobility and transportation of goods and services. Poor…

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  • Digital Divide Factors

    The first aspect, electricity infrastructures, such as wired telecommunication devices and technology is challenging. However, the country is compromising and making strides with the introduction and use of mobile communication systems. While a hard-lined infrastructure is ideal and most equipped to support the technological needs of the modern world, mobile devices can be used in the interim. Currently, 87% of the 400 million internet users within India access the internet through mobiles…

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  • Security Countermeasures

    the form of network interference through the injection of ad-hoc crafted streams of packets designed to flood the network. Another form is single implementation vulnerability in which the goal is to exploit an irregularity of a particular model of network devices caused by implementation errors. Fortunately, the known threats or possible threats are considered in creating countermeasures (López, Setola, & Wolthusen, 2012, p. 224-226). Countermeasures are unequivocally essential to maintain…

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  • Sample Resume: Water And Wastewater Maintenance Operator

    Re: Water & Wastewater Maintenance Operator Position(s) Attention: Brian Lima, P.Eng. Director, Public Works & Engineering It is with great interest that I forward my resume for a permanent full time position as a Water & Wastewater Maintenance Operator with the Municipality of Middlesex Centre. I am a team oriented individual with the skills, ability and commitment to provide delivery of high-quality, reliable drinking water and safe, effective wastewater treatment as a direct result of…

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  • Essay On Loma Prieta Earthquake

    insurers benefit from a catastrophic event because of the increased demand. As a result, the study showed that the Loma Prieta earthquake had a positive impact on insurance firms. The result included, A large amount of the earthquake loss (approximately 70 percent) was not insured, a fact that might encourage property owners to seek such coverage...Those who had once maintained such coverage and then dropped it would be encouraged to reinstate it. Their conclusion entailed that because of the…

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  • Indigenous Self Government

    power removes abilities of Indigenous communities to self finance forms of development like water treatment infrastructure. The IA not granting band councils full municipality status limits their ability to self develop because they cannot fund water infrastructure through methods like levying a municipal tax for loans. Furthermore, the inability to levy a municipal tax also reduces their access to loans for infrastructure because they can not make repayment guarantees. The second dependency…

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