Who I Am Reflection Paper

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The purpose of this assignment was to reflect on myself who I was, who I am and who I wish to become. The problem for me is I have never really known much about myself. It’s not that I am a stranger with myself it’s just explaining Myself has never been a strong skill for me. I am not completely

I have been told that I am a multimodual learner. This is somewhat true. I know learn different things different ways but the dominant way I learn is Visually. If I put something together I will briefly scan the directions and start. I would only return if I feel it is incomplete. I have to sit towards the front of class. Although it is easier to become singled out by professors I am more likely to be prepared.

I have an INFP type personality. INFP
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I can find anything interesting but I love a great book. I was in 6th grade when I read one of my longest books “Through the mists of avalon”. I have always had an idée fixe for superheroes. I didn’t like socializing with other children (mainly from lack of common interests). Outside of the school I had nothing in common with the other children in my class. Instead I had my favorite shows and toys. This is what lead to my interest in dinosaurs and my obsession with “The land before time movies”. Presently I have put away dinosaurs, However I will never resign my honorary membership with the justice league. I value Honesty, loyalty and affection. Everything else falls into place with those …show more content…
I volunteer regularly at my local church but, I don’t have anything that doesn’t have some connection to the church. Christmas day dinners, Easter outreach, back to school and others I have always worked on. The Christmas dinners require extensive preparation and I’m the one who helps wherever I can, Easter outreach I’m the other Easter bunny or his assistant. In addition to help prepare 300 eggs I help scatter them through a field. The others are usually held at apartments where we help the children and parents. We bring in things like backpacks, notebooks and coats. This is my involvement inside the community. I think this is when I learned I was a helping type of person. It was not a challenge. it was me doing something for someone else for once. I have learned life is not fair and just but we can help balance

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