Error detection and correction

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  • Reflection: Alternative Pathway Leading To Learning

    further than Barnes, Hattie and Timperley (2007, pp. 81-112) promote that four types of feedback exist: feedback on task (FB), feedback on process (FP), feedback on self-regulation (FR), and feedback on self (FS). Feedback on the task is often called corrective feedback or knowledge of results. Students are shown the portions of a task that have been successfully achieved as well as the areas that need further growth. Feedback on the process relates to students’ strategies for error detection. For this reason, feedback at this level is more effective than at the task level for enhancing deeper learning (Hattie & Timperley, 2007, pp. 81-112). These two forms of feedback are in place to get the student to move from focusing on the correct answer to being internally motivated learners with high…

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  • Speculative Han-Carlson Adder Case Study

    mathematic function is replaced with an approximated one that is faster and gives the correct result most of the time, but not for all time. The approximated adder is augmented with an error detection network that asserts an error signal when speculation fails. The speculative adder to reduce delay and power consumption compared to non-speculative adder and simulated using ModelSim 6.3f. Delay and power consumption of non-speculative and speculative Han-Carlson adder were analyzed using Xilinx…

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  • Lesson 6.7 Error Effecting Codes In Communication

    Lesson 6. 6 Error Detecting Codes When a message is transmitted, the inevitable noise disturbance usually degrades the quality of communication. Whenever repetition is possible, it is sufficient to detect the occurrence of an error. When an error is detected, we simply retransmit the message, and it may be correct the second time or even possibly the third time. Error detection is a great aid in high-quality maintenance. Without error detection, a large digital system becomes unmaintainable. It…

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  • Grendel Case Study

    Who or what is analyzing my paper? We use proprietary software running on a Linux-based operating system. This conglomeration of computer algorithms has not yet been given an official name, but it is affectionately known as "Grendel". [ return to top ] When I submit a paper to your site, will it be detected by a plagiarism detection service when my teacher checks it? does not distribute your papers to any plagiarism detection services, nor does our own plagiarism detection rely on…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

    Question 1 1.1)T.C.P(transmittion control protocol)-It is the language the computer uses to acess the internet. It is made up of protocalls which are made to establish a network of networks and provide a host with access to the internet. 1.2)I.P(Internet Protocol)-It is the way or protocol of how data is sent from one computer to another computer on the internet. 1.3)Physical Layer-the Physical layer is the interface between the medium and the device.It is made to transfer raw bits over a…

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  • Unit 3 Physics Lab 3

    experiment was to learn how to apply computerized instruments in physics. In addition, this experiment aimed at enhancing practice on how to use three equipment in the lab: the rotary motion sensor, high resolution force sensor, and motion sensor. Further, this experiment sought to clarify the circumstances under which the instruments fail to comply with expectations. Results/Data Part 1: The Motion Sensor Motion Sensor’s Measurement of Distance on ‘Short Range’ 1 m Closest Measurable…

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  • FSO Communication Case Study

    CODING TECHNIQUES When the digital information in the binary form is transmitted from one point to another point in FSO communication an error may occur. This means a signal corresponding to 0 may change to 1 or vice –versa due to presence of noise. Figure 5. shows the basic coding block diagram of FSO communication system. Fig.5. FSO communication system with coding It is possible to improve the reliability of FSO communications system and achieve predetermined Bit Error rate (BER) by…

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  • Canine Olfactory-Shepherd

    Canine olfactory perception has not been studied amid many researchers, but is assumed to play a role in both dog breed and experience. Tacher, Robin, Rooney, Bradshaw, Adamkiewicz, and Jezierski conducted studies on breed differences in scent detection capabilities, but did not include an adequate amount of evidence. Researchers Nathaniel Hall, Kelsey Glenn, David Smith, and Clive Wynne then came along to study dog breeds’ olfactory discrimination performance. Pugs, German shepherds, and…

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  • Ethernet Frame Essay

    Q1.Ethernet has become the standard for LAN communications. Give a brief overview of structure of an Ethernet frame. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the most commonly used technologies to set up Local Area Networks today. It operates by using Carrier Sense Multiple Access Detection (CSMA/CD) to control media access. (Study CCNA, 2016) The structure of an Ethernet Frame is as follows: The Ethernet Frame Structure (Anon., 2013) Explanation: • Preamble: This field is responsible for harmonizing bits…

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  • CPOE Implementation Process

    enough time to plan, review all concerns, and collaborate on a remedy to address them, taking in consideration of uncertainties as well. To address project complexity, it is important to take consideration of your team players, staff resources and how the project will affect their current workflow during and following the completion of the project. Detection requires that the organization listens to the feedback of those who are waist deep…

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