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  • Importance Of Essperanto In English Language

    There have been many people that invented languages for many purposes. Esperanto is a universal language invented by Dr. Lejzer Ludwik Zamenhof in 1887 through a book called Lingvo Internacia. Dr. Zamenhof is a Russian physician who was seeking a cmmon denominator for different nationalities of the world to communicate with each other. Esperanto is considered international auxiliary language which intends not to replace ethnic languages but to serve as an additional, second language for all people. Esperanto is most useful for communicating among people of diverse nations who do not have a common mother tongue and it is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world. Comparing Esperanto to English, we can see the similarities or differences between the alphabets, vowels, pronouns and word order. Esperanto is invented because it brings tolerance and respect for people of diverse nations and cultures. About 70% of Esperanto vocabulary comes from Romance languages, about 20% from Germanic languages and English and some part from Slavic languages. “Esperanto is a neutral language, extraordinarily easy to learn, the property of no particular nation, but belonging with equal right to the whole world. Esperanto has two aims: a practical aim, and an ideal” (Zamenhof, 1907, p.16). Esperanto was accepted reluctantly and its…

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  • Mario Pei Essay

    So Pei did not only create a new language, and write a book explaining how to use the language to the highest potential, but also went to the extremes to explain how it could be the world wide language and how to actually achieve it. Then to top it all Pei sent a copy of this book to every head of state in the world for free. Pei wanted all the schools in the world to teach Esperanto as a second language to all the children to start phasing the world into one language and so that later in the…

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  • The Importance Of The Universal Language

    harmonious world. Our problem is, with roughly 6500 languages spoken today, misunderstandings are inevitable. It is a commonly faced dilemma; How do we know that the person who unfortunately speaks Thai and very broken English isn’t exactly the person we need to open our eyes to something we never imagined. How do we know that the person we were talking to, didn’t actually mean what they said, but just couldn’t communicate it properly due to language barriers. The answer I propose to prevent…

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  • Why Do People Learn Multiple Languages?

    similar. If you can avoid it, try to save languages like Chinese or Russian until later. Chinese uses a character system for each word, and the tonal nature of the language is completely different than English. While many people learn Chinese as a second language, your experience will be easier if you start with a simpler language. Consider Esperanto In studies of Esperanto and Latin, high school students were better able to learn Esperanto. The study further divided students into two…

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  • Universal Essperanto Association Case Study

    However, the aforementioned Universal Esperanto Association (commonly abbreviated to UEA) is the largest of all the Esperanto associations worldwide, having 40,000 members approximately in 1987, of which there are ‘delegates’ in 72 countries (delegates being local representatives, of which there are over 3000), and 47 affiliated national associations. Although it has been mentioned that the very distribution of Esperanto into ‘associations’ seems insular and counter-intuitive in trying to…

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  • The Tower Of Babel: The First Universal Language

    Multi-dialects, Confusion, English? A Bavarian priest tried to create the first universal language in the year 1880 and he called it Volapük. A language that was taken from the existing French, German and English, and was difficult to learn. It consisted of odd sounds and case endings similar to Latin. It did not take long before a new language emerged (McWhorter). This new language was a blend of words from India and Europe. It became known as Esperanto. Regardless, of this fact Esperanto was…

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  • Language And Globalization Summary

    is looked down upon for not accustoming herself to the language of Tokyo. Linguistic and historical cultures are key conceptions in the formation of ones identity. Conversely, Tonkin believes ones identity is chosen rather than given. The authors border crossings have lead him to believe one can chose their own destiny and path. While growing up with the German language, the historical background of World War two led Tonkin to learn a new language, Esperanto. Tonkin believes “the moment in…

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  • One Halloween Night Book Report

    and Jake Reaze, who had to trick-or-treat alone because their mom was working and their dad was on a business trip. Elizabeth Mahem, who passed away 82 years ago (now, 90) in the Reaze family's current apartment, haunted the apartment that night. The last page of the story reads "THE END!!!!!! SORRY IT IS THE END!!!!!!" Since then, I have realized that English is not my thing. Neither is History. However, I came to realize that languages are my thing—my forte. I grew up speaking Spanish at home…

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  • Importance Of Visual Elements In Advertising

    ideal approach to achieve short-consideration compass gatherings of people in a world loaded with such a variety of substance decisions. Lately, advertisers have seen a move to more visuals and less of an accentuation on verbal substance. One explanation behind the change is that visual preparing is simpler for purchasers to review. Visuals are put away in the brain both as pictures and as words. Solid pictures have a tendency to be recalled superior to anything dynamic visuals. In the event…

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  • Analysis Of Cento Vergilianus De Laudibus Christi

    Italiano Nederlands 日本語 Polski Русский Svenska Tiếng Việt More than 250,000 articles: العربية Bahasa Indonesia Bahasa Melayu Català Čeština Euskara فارسی 한국어 Magyar Norsk Português Română Srpski Srpskohrvatski Suomi Türkçe Українська 中文 More than 50,000 articles: Bosanski Български Dansk Eesti Ελληνικά English (simple form) Esperanto Galego עברית Hrvatski Latviešu Lietuvių Norsk nynorsk Slovenčina Slovenščina ไทย Complete list of Wikipedias Navigation menu Not logged inTalkContributionsCreate…

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