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  • Human Connectome Project: Neuroscientist

    David C. Van Essen is one of many connectome projects across the globe. Dr. Van Essen engineered the human connectome project from a previous study two decades ago where he and his collaborators from California Institute of Technology mapped the connections of the visual areas of the Macaque monkey. Inspired by his Macaque monkey research, Dr. Van Essen transferred his academic curiosity to the human brain and its trillion synapses. After receiving two grants from the National Institute of Health, Dr. Van Essen’s Human Connectome Project (HCP) was fully funded. Dr. Van Essen chose to focus the HCP on long distance synapses within the gray matter of the cerebral cortex, otherwise known as the human macro connectome. In his Ted Talk he mentions briefly other neuroscientists studying the human micro connectome. Thus, the HPC had large goals for a relatively unexplored area of…

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  • Big Bertha Essay

    Big Bertha demolished whole forts with single shots breaking the courage of the enemies. The shells that were fired were the biggest at the time (12 caliber.) This was all possible because of a man named Friedrich Krupp. Big Bertha has created many events that have changed war today as we know it. The Krupp family was a prominent 400-year-old German dynasty from Essen. They have become famous mostly for their production of steel, artillery, and ammunition. This was family business known as…

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  • The Importance Of Sustainable Development In Buddhist Approach

    However, Essen (2010) argue that the ideas suggested that Buddhist economics are radically opposed the mainstream Western economics are stereotypes, it is a just opposite. This is because both views of economics are focuses on the concept of the self, whereas, the Western focuses on the maximization of self-interest, and the Buddhist view of the self focuses on collective rather individuals. Similarly, Zsolnai (2007) suggests that Buddhist communication is a strategy not a system and is…

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  • Love Thy Sister Case Study

    we serve. Love Thy Sister assistance fund has a special mix of data, aptitude, comprehension, or remaining on the issue. Limit/Partner of Love Thy Sister can influence an important commitment to deliver to or shape the strategy issue inside accessible limit. This is quite often completed in association with different associations. Arrangements and projects profiting urban zones and, especially, the trouble in urban issues picking up plan status and in urban projects being ordered. We are not…

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  • Short Biography: Pina Bausch

    On July 24, 1940, Philippine, Pina, Bausch was born in Solingen, Germany. She was the third child of Anita and August Bausch. The Bausch family owned a café, which was connected to a hotel. By helping out in the family business, Pina was able to watch people and notice the emotions in them, and most importantly-the factors that drove people to do certain things. Pina was in Essen, Germany when she began dancing. At the age of 14, she attended Folkwang University of the Arts. One of the…

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  • Conflict Criminology Case Study

    Engelen, P., Lander, M. W., & van Essen, M. (2016). What determines crime rates? An empirical test of integrated economic and sociological theories of criminal behavior. The Social Science Journal, 53247-262. In this peer reviewed article Engelen, Lander, and van Essen attempt to determine whether economic or sociological theories determine crime rates. They begin by reiterating the fact that there is no determinate conclusion on what exact factors are related to crime rates. To test their…

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  • Literary Analysis Essay On Like Water For Chocolate

    different situations. Often family traditions or circumstances are the main factors that associate emotion to certain types of food. “Specific traditions and habits of preparing food and arranging mealtimes are associated with emotional experiences taking place in daily life and formed in the context of tradition, family and a discourse in society with specific ideals taboos and value systems” (Essen and Mårtenssen 210). Different familial upbringings and customs have a major role in how food is…

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  • The Book Thief Setting Analysis

    was given to Hans. The first sentence spoken by Max to Hans was if he “still [played] the accordion.” (185). This signifies the importance of the accordion. Again, when Hans leaves for Essen, he does not take the accordion with him as a symbol for his wife Rosa, comforting her. World War I as a setting greatly affected Hans’ future actions in the present setting of the book and if these events were altered in any way, the current setting of the book could have potentially been drastically…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Catwoman

    This next series highlighted Slam Bradley’s mission to find a presumably dead Selina. In the story, Bradley manages to track down Selina’s ex-boyfriend, Bruce Wayne. However, he gets thrown out of Wayne’s office. Bradley knows full well the police believe Kyle as being dead. He is unaware that Catwoman and Selina are the same woman. Upon returning to his own office, Bradley finds Selina waiting for him. Catwoman: Three Piece Suit Three Piece Suit followed the crossover story, War Games. War…

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  • Personality Theories Of Freud, Jung, And B. F. Skinner

    model, he attempts to explain the components of personality in relation to the conscious mind which are the id, the ego, and the superego. Each personality structure represents the unseen aspect of the basic model of personality. The first portion of the model is the id portion of the personality. It is in sync with the pleasure principle. It works to decrease tension and maximize the satisfaction. Freud named the second component of the general model of personality the ego. The ego’s job was…

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