Big Bertha Essay

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Big Bertha was a terribly powerful gun during WW1. Big Bertha was also known as the howitzer and was the biggest gun at its time. Anyone that was an enemy of the germans were devastated by its sheer power. Big Bertha demolished whole forts with single shots breaking the courage of the enemies. The shells that were fired were the biggest at the time (12 caliber.) This was all possible because of a man named Friedrich Krupp. Big Bertha has created many events that have changed war today as we know it. The Krupp family was a prominent 400-year-old German dynasty from Essen. They have become famous mostly for their production of steel, artillery, and ammunition. This was family business known as Friedrich Krupp AG and was the largest company …show more content…
Early on there was a man of the name of Arndt Krupp. He was a average trader and wandered towards the town of Essen to join the traders guild during the black plague epidemic. Arndt got rich by purchasing property of families who fled the epidemic. After he died in 1624 he left his son Anton Krupp with the family business. Anton Worked in a Gunsmithing operation during the 30 year war, which was the first instance with the family's long line of association with arms manufacturing. For about the next century the Krupps continued to acquire property and became involved in politics in Essen. Generation to generation the torch is passed to the the next person in like in the Krupp Family. Eventually it is passed to a man named Frederic Krupp. In 1887 after Alfred Krupp died Friedrich Krupp took over the work for his father. Fredric was commonly referred to as “Fritz.” Fritz was a very skilled businessman. Frits was known as the the master of subtle sell. He was associated the the emperor of Germany at the time and with his management they grew exponentially. Later on he had a girl named bertha that took his place after his time came in the year of 1902. Bertha has the sole proprietor but her husband ran it in her name. After the time came during WW1 to make a super weapon (Big Bertha) they decided to name it after bertha in respect for her

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