World War I

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  • The Importance Of World War I

    World War I was a very tragic war that lasted for four years. Also known as the great war, World War I had 65 million soldiers from different countries fighting to defend their regions. 17 million people died and 20 million were wounded. World War I started on July 28th, 1914 and ended on November 11th, 1918. World War I took place in multiple areas. It occurred in Europe, Africa, The Middle East, and Asia. Why did this war happened? There were many different reasons as to why World War I started in the first place, and why it lasted for such a long time. First, the alliances that were made caused a lot of chaos due to the unhappiness of other countries that might have been betrayed, or the unfairness of the alliance. Eighteen countries were…

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  • The Transformation Of World War I

    started it all—the Great War, the War of the Nations, the end of all wars—World War I. Due to the assassination of Ferdinand, a chain reaction of war declarations spread throughout Europe. This war lasted four years and was fought on every ocean and on almost every continent. World War I changed the future of wars forever with the first use of more advanced equipment, the first and last use of trench warfare, and the transformation of the United Stated into the largest military power in the…

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  • The Causes And Consequences Of World War I

    I agree with the historians that World War I did not end on November 11th, 1918. World war I was a war that ravaged the lives of many civilians, military personel, and countries as a whole. A war fought by industrial developed nations with new technology and new ways to cause harm upon mankind and its enemys. This war brought about massive causualties and conflicts never seen before on planet earth. When an opportunity presented itself to stop confluct, the opportunity with some interests was…

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  • Causes Of World War I DBQ

    World War I is oftentimes seen as a horrific incident within mankind’s history. In fact, this conflict, that involved many global superpowers, is often seen as a major event that compromised the lives of millions of individuals. Document a shows that the three to four years of conflict led to famine, sickness, and death that was greater than the thirty years war. Furthermore, throughout the early 20th century, the exploitation of raw materials from colonies was becoming increasingly important,…

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  • Imperialism: Cause For World War I

    authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries, or of acquiring and holding colonies and dependencies.” A major cause of World War 1 was its economic rivalries. Germany's fast economic progression threatened The British. By 1900, Britain’s old factories were out produced by Germany's new, modern factories. This gave Britain a strong economic reason for opposing Germany in any discrepancy. The allocation of European nations was caused by imperialism. The competition for colonies brought…

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  • Different Causes Of World War I

    1. World War I had many different causes including militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and more. To begin militarism, which is the focus on building up and glorifying a country’s military, was a long-range cause of the war. In most of the Western countries, excluding the US and Britain, conscription was being used to create a powerful military. All of this building up of military’s gave people a war-like attitude. The amount of money…

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  • The Causes Of The Beginning Of World War I

    The war began in the Balkans in late July 1914 and ended in November 1918. The war would consist of Germany, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire (Central Powers) on one side and Great Britain, France, Russia, Italy and Japan (Allied Powers) on the other. When Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated in 1914, Austria would use this event to help push them into war with Serbia. This is the event that most feel was the start of World War I. Even though there had been trouble in the…

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  • The Fault Causes Of World War I

    The Fault Goes to… Before 1914, the world had many wars, from the Hundred Years War to the Franco-Prussian War, but those wars were usually between two major powers. World War I became the first major conflict to involve multiple world powers, which devastated Europe. This was the war to end all wars and many called it the Great War. Many scholars lay blame on one power, one incident, or one individual for causing World War I, but to no real avail. The answer is there is no one person, country,…

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  • The Militarism And The Cause Of War: The Causes Of World War I

    Events of World War I “Serb Student Assassinates Archduke and His Dutchess” read the headline of the Washington Times on June 28, 1914 (“Serb Student”). The assassination of the archduke was one of countless events of World War I that resulted in enormous effects. During the time of World War I, militarism, gas warfare, and the Zimmermann Telegram also showed to affect the world. Competition between the Central Powers and the Allies proved to be the main cause of these events and the effects of…

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  • The Causes Of World War I

    World War I, which began in the Balkan Peninsula in July 1914, had many immediate and underlying causes which originated from different nations. Unlike World War II, it is not clear which party started World War I. Germany has been blamed by some, but there are others who see it differently. While the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, archduke of Austria, and his wife is widely regarded as an immediate and impactful origin of the war, the underlying origins have not been so clear. Political,…

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