The Main Causes Of World War I

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1. World War I had many different causes including militarism, alliances, imperialism, nationalism, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and more. To begin militarism, which is the focus on building up and glorifying a country’s military, was a long-range cause of the war. In most of the Western countries, excluding the US and Britain, conscription was being used to create a powerful military. All of this building up of military’s gave people a war-like attitude. The amount of money country’s spent on their military grew substantially, allowing the military itself to grow. From 1890 to 1914 European military doubled in size, due to military conscription. Most of these armies were made up of peasants because they were able to pass …show more content…
Imperialism is defined as the domination of one country by another. This was a cause of the war because conflict started to brew between countries fighting over the colonies. This then escalated when allies came into play. Nationalism simply having patriotic feelings and doing anything for your country. This was a cause of World War I because it made each country thin they were the most important and they wanted to be successful. Also nationalism made people think that war was a good idea because it would not only show power and allow a country to gain power. Also, many ethnic groups wanted to become their own nation, for example slavic minorities in the Balkans. Another way nationalism helped cause the war was issues within a nation. Some leaders would use war to distract the citizens from any problems they might be having in their own country. The final cause of the war was the only immediate cause, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. The Archduke was killed by Serbian Nationalists known as the Blank Hand, who sought a pan-slavic country. This assassination started a diplomatic crisis. This then led to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia, which then brought in many allies to help fight. Overall, the assassination was the spark World War I, by creating a conflict and then making it grow into something …show more content…
The Paris Peace Conference had 27 countries present , from those 27 there were 3 main participants. These 4 countries became known as the “Big 3”, they were America, Great Britain, and Italy. These three countries each had one representative, David Lloyd George for Great Britain, George Clemenceau for France, and Woodrow Wilson for the US. Their main goal was to conclude a final settlement of the Great War and create a new order in Europe. Wilson created his plan for peace which consisted of 14 points. The first five points pushed to end secret treaties, reduce armies, free trade, create self-determination of subjected peoples, and freedom of the seas. Points 6-13 talked about the new countries that were created and point 14 established the League of Nations. David Lloyd George of Great Britain wanted to seek revenge against Germany, because the public was very angry. And George Clemenceau of France wanted to get revenge and gain security against

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