Essay On Imperialism In World War 1

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Register to read the introduction… Imperialism was a belief that a country must expand and take over other weak nations to be powerful/successful. The British Octopus illustrates that the Germans are trying to convince other people that the British are trying to imperialist Europe; and the Germans should declare a war to stop them, because the British octopus’s tentacles are stretched over Europe towards North America and other continents. This primary source helps explain imperialization was an underlying cause of the war because Britsh will try to expand its nation/country. Germany is making people “brainwash” so they can fight with the Britain. Colonial Possession Map / The First World War shows that Colin Wicolson thought imperializing other weak population countries would increase their population of the colonies because on the map, you can see the size of the Colonial Empire in 1913. Imperialism caused the First World War because if a country take over a weak country for more power, etc. then conflicts can happen because country’s will …show more content…
Nationalism is an exaggerated pride in a country that is based on unity, often times related to religion or race. Russian National Anthem / Scottish Poem shows that Vasily and James thought that no one can beat them and that only God’s power can save their country and also that their country will never be slaves or defeated by an enemy, because the text state, “God save the noble Tsar!, long may he live, in power, In happiness,.....Dread of his enemies,”(God Save The Tsar!) and “Rule Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves: Britons never will be slaves.(Rule Britannia).” This primary source explains nationalism was underlying cause of the war because they have pride in their country. The Origins of the First World War shows Colonel Dragutin Dimitrievic thought good things about Serbia and see other countries/people as aliens because, “Our whole race must stand together to halt the onslaught of these aliens from the north”(Document 6)”. This primary source helps explain nationalism was an underlying cause of the war because the author wrote good things about Serbia. Nationalism caused the First World War because if a country believes in nationalism, then conflict can happen because the country will think they are better than anyone

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