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  • The Problem With Big Consequences Of Deforestation

    Big Problem With Big Consequences Speaking on Presidential Palace, Jakatra, Prince Charles of wales, who has been advocating for forest conservation for years said, “ Forests are the world 's air conditioning system-the lungs of our planet and we are in the verge of switching it off”(Charles 14).He illustrates the bitter truth which is well known facts to majority of people yet ignored so badly that the amount of forests spreading around our globe has been deteriorating every year. The rapid rise of temperature is one of many outcomes of rapid destruction of forests.Still, there are a few people who argue on existence of deforestation as a problem. In fact deforestation is not just a problem but a serious problem, which has been affecting…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of World Wildlife By Rebecca Morelle

    Wild Life The elephant population has steadily declined over the decade due to the demand for ivory. However, it is not just the elephant population that is declining. In the article “World Wildlife ‘falls by 58% in 40 years’” the author, Rebecca Morelle, believes the animal population has decreased gradually over the last 40 years. Morelle cites five different perspectives, ranging from professionals in wildlife to well known organizations, in regard to the decline of wildlife. Through the use…

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  • Going Green Research Paper

    Much of our economy relies on industrialization and this has consequences for our Earth. Factories are used for these industries and most of them give off smoke that can harm our atmosphere. However, there are industries that are environmentally friendly and promote going green by using renewable resources for energy rather than fossil fuels like other industries. Going green is a major controversy in the world today and many scientists are concerned about the future climate. Earth today is…

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  • Black Rhino Essay

    about $50,000 for two horns from one single black rhino. That’s a lot of money involved so poachers can’t resist it. In some cultures, superstition also plays a roll for black rhino’s body parts; the people used to hang one of their tails in a room where a woman is giving birth and it’s suppose to help ease with labor pains. Since some people believe in that they would go out and buy a rhino’s tail. Black rhinos are like elephants, they are an important part of the ecosystem and killing them…

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  • World Wildlife Fund Commercial Examples

    World Wildlife Fund In today society, people commercialize everything from clothing, food, and drinks to cars, insurances, etc. Their sole purpose is to market their product out to world and attract customer. However, there are certain commercials whose purpose is to inform the audience, express concern or to start a movement. Most of the nonprofit or fundraising organizations would be perfect example. Encourage people to donate money to good causes is the sole purpose of these organizations’…

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  • Wildlife Crime Essay

    of shipment” (Wasser 2011:1065). Fortunately, DNA assignment analyses are able to determine product origin. However, its use has been restricted by the “inability to assign samples to locations where reference samples do not exist” (Wasser 2011:1065). Despite this constraint, it is certainly a start, and given that poaching rates are expected to continue to rise, increased amounts of reference samples will likely form. Regardless, “stopping poaching at its source would keep the remaining…

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  • Global Warming Advertisement Analysis

    Global Warming Advertisement How well informed are about global warming? Do you know that by 2030, at least 18% of the world’s coral reefs will be gone? Do you know that by 2050, up to 400 species of bird will be endangered or extinct? Do you know that by 2080, New York City will be under 3 feet of water due to rising sea levels? Most of these facts are not well known and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) seeks to change this. The WWF’s “mission is to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing…

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  • Trophy Hunting In Africa Essay

    continue, however stricter regulations must be put in place in order to protect Africa’s native species as a whole. Annotated Bibliography Al-Khatib, Talal. "Trophy Hunting: Is There ANY Benefit for Conservation? : DNews." DNews. Discovery News, 30 July 2015. Web. 23 Nov. 2015. This news article from Discovery new, gives a general overview of the controversy of trophy hunting in Africa, and its implications for conservation. It is written in simple terms for the general public to understand,…

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  • Unit 1 Diversity Of Living Things

    Siberian (Amur) Tiger was once found in Northern China, Far East Russia and Korean Peninsula. By the 1940s the Amur Tiger had almost be totally driven to extinction with only 40 individuals remaining. The species was saved when Russia became the first country to place the tiger in full protection. By the 1980’s the population of the Amur tiger increased to around 500. Now the WWF (World Wild Life) support the protection of the Amur Tiger in both Russia and China. WWF also helps preserve the Amur…

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  • Environmental Impacts Of Human Population

    The human population has multiplied more than 7 times since 1805, when the population first hit one billion people worldwide. Today the population has grown nearly to 7,400,000,000 (7 billion and 400 million) people globally. On October 12th, 1999 the six billionth person was born, Adnan Mevic in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Only twelve years later in 2011, the world hit a record of seven billion people. That’s roughly 150 babies born per minute worldwide-that makes the average birth rate 1.13% for…

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