Going Green Research Paper

Much of our economy relies on industrialization and this has consequences for our Earth. Factories are used for these industries and most of them give off smoke that can harm our atmosphere. However, there are industries that are environmentally friendly and promote going green by using renewable resources for energy rather than fossil fuels like other industries. Going green is a major controversy in the world today and many scientists are concerned about the future climate. Earth today is being destroyed by pollution and we need to make sure it does not get worse by making going green required by law with the benefit of not only a healthy planet, but saving money from our wallet, and a successful business. Pollution is one of the main …show more content…
Climate change is a very big controversy throughout the world between scientists. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, their 2009 article, titled “Climate 2030: A National Blueprint for a Clean Energy Economy,” if we do not do anything to save the planet, the climate can change and create extreme droughts, heat, storms, and acidifying oceans. The article opens minds to the reality of the consequences the harmful energy sources can create, following the WWF article about pollution, proving going green is the best option for everyone and everything. In addition to that claim it states, “to help avoid the most dangerous consequences of climate change, the United States must play a lead role and begin to cut its heat-trapping emissions today” because, “cutting emissions of carbon dioxide and other gasses reduces the impact of global climate change” (UCS). Other than helping our earth be healthy, going green and using renewable resources leaves more money in your wallet rather than losing money by using fossil fuels for your home. According to an article written by John Boitnott, you can save money by switching from using not so Earth friendly products to Earth friendly products even if it’s just a lightbulb. Boitnott supports this claim saying, “LED lights still cost more than incandescent bulbs. However, LED lights also last 40 times longer and use only a tenth of the energy” (Boitnott). In addition, he includes that solar power may seem expensive to people, but it will become increasingly competitive with fossil fuels by costing similar prices. Therefore, if people compare the two, solar power, eventually paying for itself, or fossil fuel energy power, that will get more expensive over time, they will choose the more beneficial

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