Worst-case scenario

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  • The Importance Of Mentorship In Leadership

    to Pakistan and that our MSR was also their MSR. As a Rifle Company my unit had taken responsibility of the Assistance Platform (formerly Combat Outpost) that sat on a large hill overlooking the village and both lines of communication. As with many transfers of authority, our Company had inherited several enduring operations in the relieving process. One of those operations, a regularly scheduled and repetitive leadership meeting (Shura) at the village District Center, would be among our first patrols conducted within our new Area of Operation (AO). It was during my Platoon’s execution of this mission at an unavoidably predictable location that the enemy in our AO cashed in their vote with catastrophic results. In living my “worst case scenario,” I would have to blindly depend on our collective planning and preparation, my training and instincts, and an ability to operate despite temporary but complete loss of outcome control. We had just under a month in theater and the same amount of time with a brand new Platoon Leader (PL). Many of us in the Platoon had executed hundreds of missions together in the past while many others had not. Although we deployed together to the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) and had established good continuity, as a collective team and in a new AO this was only our third patrol. I knew we were a good team, but not to the extent that I would come to learn. On June 3rd, 2013, we suffered a devastating Mass Casualty (MASCAL) event, and…

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  • Reflective Essay: Learning How To Cope With Stress

    complete an essay in one night to having to pay all of your debts with insufficient funds, our society and culture are brimming with things that cause stress. Stress is the feeling we have when in harmful situations or when under pressure; stress also can be described as a feeling of mental or emotional strain. Stress leads to a conglomerate of health issues that include: having an upset stomach, chest pain, insomnia,etc. Learning how to properly cope with stress is vital to live a happy,…

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  • Summary: The Media Ecosystem

    In Antonio López’s The Media Ecosystem, he outlines three potential outcomes for media ecosystems that we will face in the near future. The first is termed “Pangloss,” which represents a status quo, in which the current media ecosystem and systems of power do not shift much from their current positions. The next is a worst case scenario, “Pandora,” where a lack of citizen engagement leads to a media ecosystem of censorship, control, as well as a rise of privatization, and capitalistic values.…

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  • Importance Of Planning In Organizational Planning

    production, marking, and dealing with employees (Fairholm, 2009). For example, a well-known clothing manufacture encounters a problem when one of the production machines is not working properly and is misprinting on the clothing. Management and many other personnel involved must have a reliable, functioning, and well put together back-up plan for malfunctions with machinery. If they do not, that results in delayed shipments, unsatisfied customers, and possibly having a decrease in sales due to…

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  • Pierre Wack And The Oil Crisis

    executive who developed the scenario process. His success in scenario planning enabled the Royal Dutch/Shell oil giant to anticipate both of these oil catastrophes. Why scenarios Pierre Wack agreed that straightforward forecasts may be very accurate, however he believed that is why they are dangerous. As Peter Drucker said, “The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.” (Harvard Business Review,…

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  • Scenario Planning Scenario

    Having the assistance of the external advisors to create a scenario will only make that scenario to be reliable to its users. These external advisors may include people like “the customers or clients, suppliers, experts of scenario planning, external scenario consultants and analysts. External advisors ensure that everyone involved with the organisation is accounted for in the scenario planning process. They also ensure that the goal of the scenario planning process is achieved, that is to…

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  • The Third Elements Of Risk Organization And Governance

    Third element is Risk Organization and Governance. This element covers how an organization structures its risk along with allocating final responsibility among certain positions in the organization in order to empower the employees with the proper understanding and significance to the risks certain departments in the organization are exposed to. Certain key employees with authority take these elements of risk management into account in order to retain, avoid or transfer possible risks. Having a…

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  • Future Construction Scenarios, Strategic Planning, Scenario Thinking And Planning

    From the earliest times, there has been an interest to know what the future might bring. Anticipating the future is considered as a useful way to align and improve current strategies and this interest has been reflected in future studies, strategic planning, scenario thinking and planning, foresight, and futurology. There are many examples for previous foresight research at the industry level. Harty et al. (2007) provided a good review of thirteen future studies focusing on the construction…

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  • Possible Scenarios In Happy Endings By Margaret Atwood

    under ground or turned to ashes but what matters is how those people lived their lives. Margaret Atwood expresses this theme in her short story “Happy Endings.” She writes six different possible scenarios in which a couple, John and Mary live through their life until either one dies. In one of the scenarios two new characters are presented, Madge and Fred, where Madge is married to John until he dies, then with Fred until he dies, and then lives as a widow. Each scenario is different in the way…

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  • Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

    Scenario planning is the process of evaluating possible future events through the consideration of alternative plausible, though not equally likely, states of the world (Mahmoud, 2009). The use of this approach considers different scenarios for the unprecedented future and explores alternatives for management. One of the major global assessments that address scenario planning due to the impact of human activity on the environment is the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (“MEA”). This global…

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