Worst-case scenario

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  • Millennium Ecosystem Assessment

    Scenario planning is the process of evaluating possible future events through the consideration of alternative plausible, though not equally likely, states of the world (Mahmoud, 2009). The use of this approach considers different scenarios for the unprecedented future and explores alternatives for management. One of the major global assessments that address scenario planning due to the impact of human activity on the environment is the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (“MEA”). This global…

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  • Pairwise Combination Strategy And Constraints Strategy

    to be combined as test cases. Since it is randomized, no fixed test cases can be got from this process. For instance, pizza ordering system can produced 11 random test case of {{1:1:2}, {0:1:0}, {1:0:0}, {0:1:2}, {0:2:1}, {1:0:1}, {0:1:1}, {1:0:2}, {1:2:1}, {1:2:0}, {1:2:2}}. From these random test case lists, each test case was divided and paired. Result of all random test case paired was shown in Table 3.9. Table 3.9 Divided test case Random test case Divided test case 1:1:2 [1:1] [1:2] [1:2]…

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  • Double Effect Essay

    destruction of the facility, the deaths turn from unintended and foreseen, to intended. The pilot bombed the factory knowing fully that innocent people were going to die for the factory to be destroyed and still went through with their mission. In the case of DR, the doctors let the patients die without even being considered for treatment. In HC, the fetus is being killed knowingly. Even with the knowledge that the operation will be fatal for the…

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  • Martha Millison And Cecilia Clients

    For the interview process, the two people that I interviewed were Martha Millison and Cecilia Rivas. Martha Millison is a school counselor at Green-Wood Charter School in Philadelphia and Cecilia Rivas is a CUA chief management supervisor. When both Martha and Cecilia came and spoke to our class, I was so intrigued by what they said that I wanted to know more about their work field. I especially found Martha job interesting because she works in a school setting and that’s where I want to work. I…

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  • Normative Model Of Decision-Making Process

    every single court case. This office is basically the “support staff” for the District Courts at Law and County Courts at Law which their roles include gathering data, issuing processes (such as warrants), reporting to agencies such as the Department of Public Safety, overseeing payments for child support, and being in charge of the whole jury duty process. Members, about 73, include the District Clerk Esther Degollado, Maribel Ramirez (supervisor for civil-case and criminal-case clerks),…

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  • Equality In Law Enforcement

    This is not the case for everyone, a women could just as easily initiate violence, but it is “less likely”. It is good to have a balance between both and that will help you think rationally and not let things get out of hand. Women do not go into this profession asking…

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  • Since Feeling Is First E. E Cummings Analysis

    Feelings Over Everything (For The Most Part) In having a problem in life, an individual has two methods in figuring out how to solve it: logical or emotional. Logical methods mainly use knowledge obtained through institutionalized education, prior experiences, or one 's common sense. The emotional method involves how one feels about a human from being around him or her. People usually debate which method to use when trying to solve dilemmas like figuring out their partner for the rest or his…

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  • Bringing Reality To Classroom Management In Teacher Education: Article Analysis

    Eiseman, G., Edwards, S. & Cushman, C.A. (2015). Bringing Reality to Classroom Management In Teacher Education. Professional Educator, 39(1), 1-12. This article was focused on the lack of attention that classroom management receives in teacher preparation courses and the education field. The article highlights pre-service teacher trainings on topics such as focusing on student learning, classroom management assessments and activities, movie study, microteaching, animated video or comic…

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  • Case Study Format

    How to conduct and complete a case study The aim of this paper is to understand the basics of how to conduct and complete a case study. This paper will define the principles of a case study and different types of applications. A case study is a method or investigation in a specific, in-depth event and study of one or more individuals, group, event or community that aims to bring a resolution to a situation or a problem (Crawford, 2016). Within a typical case study, data is gathered…

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  • Jennifer Neevins Reflection

    How does your case study provide a clear match between the teacher’s level of expertise, development and commitment to the supervisory approach that was used? Based upon the case study analysis and the developmental process of supervision, what have you learned about your level of expertise in implementing any of the four different approaches with teachers? Given your behavioral response to the case study written, convey the implications and applicability…

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