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  • Double Effect Essay

    Quinn states in (article) that the close connection theory is, “…it surely matters how close the connection is between that which is, strictly speaking, intended and the resulting foreseen harm. If the connection is close enough, then the doctrine should treat the harm as if it were strictly intended.” In other words, harm that is unintended is just as bad as intended harm if the connection between the outcome and the harm is close enough. To help explain this, H.L.A. Hart provides the example of someone striking a glass violently to hear the sound of the impact. After striking the glass multiple times, it will shatter. Hart states that the shattering of the glass is, “so immediately and invariably” connected to the impact on the glass that the shattering seems almost intended instead of…

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  • Essay On Taker Culture

    In order for the agriculturalists to expand and fulfill their Taker "destiny,” spreading the way of life they believed was right, they had to take land from the herders. This is represented in the story of Cain’s murder of Abel. From here the agricultural revolution took off, and the taker culture expanded, while the smaller leaver culture was almost forgotten, but did not die out. The use of the terms “leavers” and “takers” by Quinn, and his explanation of their historical split through these…

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  • City Of Glass Tim Quinn Character Analysis

    and even the author, are unclear. The protagonist, Daniel Quinn, embarks on solving a mystery for his unknown employer, but as the plot unfolds, he becomes increasingly unsure of his own identity. Thus, while Auster initially presents his novel as a work of mystery focused on the secrets of the Stillman family, his novel ultimately tackles the uncertainty of identity. Tim O’Brien similarly writes In the Lake of the Woods as a seemingly characteristic mystery novel that fundamentally addresses…

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  • Summary And Analysis Of Ishmael, A Philosophical Novel By Daniel Quinn

    Ishmael Summary and Analysis Ishmael is a philosophical novel written by Daniel Quinn in order to address our environmental crisis. He tries to answer questions in environmental ethics by using biblical allusions, metaphors from Hinduism and other philosophical notions. In this essay I am going to summarize Ishmael and analyze important terms and concepts the author uses. In the first part I am going introduce to the main characters Ishmael and the narrator, in the second part I am going to…

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  • The Dark Night Film Analysis

    Though criticism isn’t necessarily good, it showed the brilliance of one of the best characters in the film, Harley Quinn. This is the first time the DC extended universe has ever had Harley on the big screen, and Margot Robbie shined as her. Harley’s backstory is more developed than most, making her more developed character than all of them, except maybe Dead Shot. Harley Quinn was always a much loved character in the DC fandoms. This love of Harley prompted her to have a successful debut on…

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  • The Gorilla Play Analysis

    International award-winner Carlos Espinal returns to the New York stages with his solo Peter El Rojo, The Gorilla. The play is a stage adaptation of the Franz Kafta’s story about an ape who learns to behave like a human and becomes an immigrant among them. After rave reviews and awards for its performances in New Jersey and the Dominican Republic, the New York premiere will take place at IATI Theater (East Village, NY), avant-garde Latin Company that for 48 years maintains a solid reputation…

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  • Ishmael Analysis

    The book Ishmael is a fictional novel about a man who finds a gorilla that teaches him all about the world and how he views our society. In Chapter 9 of the book Ishmael, the narrator comes back to visit Ishmael, a gorilla who has been his teacher for the past couple days. Normally, Ishmael is behind a glass wall but this time he is outside, sprawled out of the floor. Since the beginning of the book, Ishmael has divided humans into two categories, Takers and Leavers. Takers are members of the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Growth As A Global Citizen

    Throughout my highschool years, I have reflected upon how I have grown as a global citizen and as an academic student. These reflections are usually based upon different projects I have completed in class or presentations that were assigned to me, but this year has allowed me to reflect on unique experiences. I have become more aware of the situations that happen in the real world; this has strengthened my skills for college and my future career, which shows my growth as an academic student.…

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  • Batman Compare And Contrast Essay

    To this, I say that Batman just never wants to stop being a hero, so he keeps the Joker alive. The same cannot be said, or written, about the Joker. The only reason the Joker becomes so obsessed with Batman is because he wants to make a point. The Clown Prince wants the Dark Knight to really kill him. He wants it this way because he wants the world to know that people are basically more chaotic than orderly, which makes people, or readers, wonder if this is actually true. Finally, the one…

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  • Analysis Of A Moral Atmosphere By Bill Mckibben

    the clear water of the pond. Later in the story, the colorful pages are gone and have been replaced with dark and dreary colors of grey, black and white. The animals are no longer smiling, the truffula trees are chopped down and the only thing that remains is their stumps sticking out of the ground. The animals are all sad because they can’t breathe and are literally choking and coughing because of all of the pollution. The sharp contrast as the story progresses appeals to the emotions of the…

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