Dracunculus medinensis

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  • Dracunculiasis Case Study

    1: Life cycle of D. medinensis (CDC, 2015). This report will explain the course and geographical distribution of dracunculiasis as well as its public health impacts. Furthermore, it will elucidate how the incident was managed and policies implemented in eradicating the little monster. INCIDENT REPORT AND GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION Dracunculiasis is a disease that has ravaged human population for decades; the presence of disease is documented in the Egyptian Medical Ebers Papyrus of herbal knowledge around 1550BC when a calcified worm was detected on an Egyptian mummy (Sandle, 2014). According to Sattenspiel (2000), the ancient existence of dracunculiasis is said to be the origin of the medical symbol, the rod of Asclepius which depicts the conventional style of extracting…

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