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  • Analyzing Kincaid's Essay

    argument that Dragon Ball Z was a major breakthrough for shonen anime in terms of entering the American/western TV viewing markets. Admittedly, Kincaid (2015) expresses his own limited knowledge of Dragon Ball Z by informing the reader that he found the series the most appealing due to the new “modern” anime series put out in 1990s Japan, and that he actually disliked the original Dragon Ball series of the 1980s. More so, he claims that watching the Dragon Ball anime series “backwards” defines why this particular series had such a massive impact on western viewing audiences. To further Kincaid’s (2015) argument, he also defines influence of certain themes related to the “shonen style" of anime as being innovated by Dragon Ball Z, such as “prolonged fights, complex plots, a large cast, deaths of main characters” (Kincaid para.11). Also, the modernization of Japanese animation from the “chibi” style of anime to the more “adult” orientated style of realism, which defined a major breakthrough for American audiences that still viewed anime as cartoons for kids: “operating within the paradigm that anime was either for kids” (Kincaid para.7). In addition to the negative aspects of “chibi” anime (the bubble style of…

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  • Dragon Ball Analysis

    In 1984 Japanese manga author and illustrator Akira Toriyama published the first chapter of Dragon Ball, a series that would become a massive pop culture icon and inspire countless other manga series in the future. Dragon Ball follows the story of Son Goku from being a foolish child to being an overpowered foolish adult with countless different forms, all of which involve changing hair, muscular bulk, and sometimes even eyebrows. Dragon Ball was originally intended to be a story directly based…

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  • Gow's Hero-Song Of Hope

    out of the screen, culminating in Goku unleashing a ravenous blue wave of energy—the Kamehameha technique. This was the climactic scene of the 2013 film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. It just so happened to be both the first DBZ movie since the 1990s, as well as my first experience seeing my favorite TV show of all-time on the big screen. I started watching DBZ when I was about eight years old, and it quickly became the show I wanted to watch more than anything. However, my love for DBZ almost…

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  • American Literature Class Reflection

    On January the third, as we began our American Literature class, our professor put the whole class into groups. Everyone was assigned to write an essay about their group’s hobbies, accomplishments and goals. The people in my group are Klovis, James, and Spencer. The first person’s hobbies, accomplishments, and goals we are going to discuss is Klovis. The hobbies that Klovis enjoys we learned are drawing and watching anime. The things that he likes to draw are anime characters from movies,…

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  • Dragon Ball Z Gender Roles

    How is gender and sexual ambiguity is in Dragon ball Z translated for U.S. audiences who expect a clear male-female dichotomous representation? I grew up watching Dragon Ball Z. and coming from someone who has seen every single episode and movie. I can tell you that watching the series as adult vs a child. You notice a lot of things that you did not notice before. And writing this paper made me realize a lot of new things about the show. And how it is translated in America and how gender and…

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  • Dragon Ball Z: The Role Of Diversity In Hollywood

    even though black face has become frowned upon and is rarely used. Yellow face is still used in film and still degrades those of asian descent. The most notable use of yellow face would be actor Mickey Rooney role as Mr. Yunoshi in 1961’s “Breakfast at Tiffanys”,an extremely stereotypical and racist view on asian people. Almost as bad is replacing an actual asian person and turning them white for a movie,back in 2009 Asian American Jeffery Ma played a bartender in the movie “21” about a…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Dallas Museum Of Art

    The great details and the dark colors made me feel as if I were standing with them and watching them meeting with the dragon king which is just exceptional to me. This piece of work represents Takenouchi no Sukune who was a famous warrior who lived an extraordinary life. The warrior had a dream to destroy an evil dragon king who were terrorizing humans and sea creatures alike and when he arrives at the place the dragon king emerges from the sea and presents him with a jewel that will give him…

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  • Analysis Of Ninth Day Of The 8th Moon

    Chronicler, I hereby submit an account of Outer Library 's Fantasy Ball. Carriages, Witches, and Dragons, Oh my, was what guests saw as they traversed to the Library’s Fantasy Ball on the 29th Day of the 7th Moon. Placed within the halls leading to the Theatre were many sculptures that included pumpkin carriages, grotesque witches with apples and colossal dragons. All which ser Adahn created, withal, in decoration was a regaling backdrop of the three little pigs and wolf within the theatre…

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  • Dragons Adaptive Strategies In The Iron Islands

    Dragons’ Adaptive Strategies in the Iron Islands. With just four species of dragons of the eighteen that live on the continent of Westeros, the Iron islands possess a variety of niches were these species thrive without being adapted to the same island as the others as all the populations became isolated not by space (as dragons can fly) but by habitat (different resources); also, these dragons are the best example of the adaptive radiation process as a common ancestor species from Westeros…

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  • Wyverns Research Paper

    The stereotype is partly due to some unflattering accounts, and the fact that wyverns aren't as social as European dragons. Although it is small and wyverns aren't naturally aggressive creatures, it is still dangerous. Wyverns have sharp claws and fangs doused in a dangerous venom. The highly intelligent beings’ small tribes have advanced cultures. The most interesting facet of their cultures is their value in names. Unlike the fey, they aren't controlled by names, but wyverns are proud and…

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